Scrap Addict

I am a scrap fabric addict. The first step is admitting you have a problem and I have a big one.

I have shelves filled with pretty fabrics. Precuts and yardage and bundles which I’ve been hoarding for the longest time… but do I sew with these pretties? No!

I’m inexplicably drawn to the scraps of the projects which I’ve just completed. When I’m tidying up after a projects, I can’t seem to throw the pretty pieces away and as my scrap bins are overflowing, I have to sew with them straight away otherwise I’d need to find somewhere to put them.

Tell me I’m not the only one with this scrap fabric problem?

PS I’ll show you this finished Scrap-Friendly project soon. I’m going to sit down and do a little extra hand quilting (embellishing) before I put this together.


  1. Is it *really* a problem if you can make pretty, pretty things with your scraps? Or is it just an extra-special bonus bit of joy? Scraps are wonderful & may be my favorite part of quilting.

    1. Well I'd be very proud to be able to think even of something as Pretty as you have created. Thanks so much for sharing and giving me an ideas Thanks Louise

  2. Ummm.... YES..... I am a scrap hoarder too. Just can't seem to throw them out. I desperately need to start making some scrap busting projects!! If you use them it isn't a problem is it?

  3. You're not the only one - I have over 500 yards (by weight) of scraps in my studio! I'm sewing them up as fast as I can but making no headway at all.....

  4. I love the teaser of what you are making. I rarely get rid of scraps, although I do occasionally go through fabric and pass some of it onto a friend, mainly because my choices have changed about what I like. x

  5. don´t worry! you´re not alone! :0) i have so many scraps....i can´t wait to see your project! best wishes from denmark :0) ulrike


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