I have a fun and free little English Paper Pieced Kindle Case which I am pleased to share with you today. 

I love Elea Lutz's fabrics and decided to combine some of her Strawberry Biscuit ranges with her newest range called Apple Farm to create this cute little EPP Kindle Case. 

The fabrics work beautifully together, so if you'd like to create an EPP Kindle Case too, gather your EPP supplies and have a look at the instructions below.

Glue baste the fabric to the hexagon papers and then stitch the hexagons together, to make a large rectangular piece. I needs to measure OVER 8" x 14" (this is the size that we will use for final construction). I used 1.5" hexagon papers, but you can use whichever size paper pieces you have readily available.

I cut a rectangle of batting, measuring approximately 10" x 16" and used it as a guide when piecing by hexagons. If the hexagon piece was as large as the batting, it was the size that I wanted.

Press the hexie slab and then carefully remove the backing papers. This is my LEAST favourite part of the process, but if you only use a teeny amount of glue when basting, it's not too difficult a job. 

Sandwich a rectangle of fabric (for the lining), the batting and the pieced hexie slab and pin (or spray baste) to hold it all together.

Quilt as desired. I decided on some heavy straight line quilting, using my presser foot as a guide. Once it's completely quilted, trim to 8" x 14".

Sew on some coordinating binding to either end of the rectangle. Turn up one end of the rectangle to make the pocket. Place your kindle inside, to ensure it's the correct size. 

At this stage, before sewing the case together, I added velcro squares. Measure the placement of squares so that they're even, pin and sew.

Fold the pocket section up again and sew a 1/8" inch basting to hold it in place. Sew binding to either side of the kindle case. I folded the fabric down (into the length of the binding) when sewing it onto the first side, so that I would have no raw edges showing.

And there you have a one-of-a-kind Kindle Case, perfect to hold your electronic library of books.

I love to read. Admittedly, I usually prefer to read actual paper books and I do visit my local library regularly. We're off on a family holiday later this month and rather than carting around books, I'll be taking my Kindle with me. This little case will be perfect to keep my Kindle cozy and unscratched in my handbag.

Have you read any fabulous books lately? I just finished reading Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult and absolutely loved it. It is another JP classic and I do recommend it if you're looking for something to read this month.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. Love your designs & your fabrics. Happy New Year to you Anorina. I hope 2017 brings wonderful things for you. I am halfway through Small Great Things & loving it. Have a great holiday. Best wishes.

  2. hi Anorina,wow what a lovely kindle cover,thankyou for sharing your tutorial xx

  3. This is so darling - thank you for the tutorial! xoxo

  4. Thank you. This is so cute. Will pop it on my list but not sure when I'll get around to it. Have a great holiday.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial :) I will have a go at one later - I love to read too and have just finished 'Small Great Things' loved it!


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