Cider Sleeve {Tutorial}

Apple Cider... it's one of those delightfully bubbly drinks which bring forth visions of long, lazy summer afternoons.

What does every cider bottle need? Well a Cider Sleeve, of course!

I created these fun little Cider Sleeves with the cutest fabric. It's called Apple Farm by designer, Elea Lutz for Penny Rose Fabrics

Download the pattern and create your own Cider Sleeves... one for yourself and one for each of your apple cider loving friends.

My FREE Cider Sleeve pattern includes the basic template, instructions and step by step photos.

If you do create a Cider Sleeve, I'd love, love, love to see it. Please tag me on Instagram (@SameliasMum) #CiderSleeve or send me an email. 


If you like the look of these labels that I embroidered and appliqued to the sleeves, I got the basic label pattern from Amy Sinibaldi's book, Sweetly Stitched Handmades. #Af


  1. Cutest bottles ever!!!! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this afternoon that features your cider sleeve tutorial: --Anne

  2. Those bottles are pretty nice.Thanks for the tuto!


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