Quilted Book Bag / Cover {Tutorial}

I'm so pleased to share my Quilted Book Bag Tutorial (link at the end) with you today. I made the original one for a friend who is an avid reader. She catches the train and loves to read on her way to work. She loves trashy romance novels, but doesn't necessarily want everyone knowing what she's reading, so I made her a book bag. 

I've since created the Book Bag 2.0 - I tweaked it to add a few more features, like the velcro tab to hold it closed and a built-in book mark. 

It honestly was such fun to make and I created a very basic tutorial if anyone would like to have a go and making a #QuiltedBookBag too. This second version has a fair bit of quilting and hand stitching, but the sky is honestly the limit! Add applique, add embroidery, add leather handles and buttons... customise it how ever you like.

BTW - this is such a perfect gift for a book-loving friend or school teacher.

Happy Sewing my friends :)


  1. So pretty, I love this, Thank you for sharing and making a tutorial.

  2. so wonderful! thank you for this great tutorial! :0) greetings from denmark Ulrike

  3. Isn't this the Bible cover that Jen at Shabby Fabrics made a tutorial about on U-Tube? Looks cute in the flower prints you used. Are they London Lawns?

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful tutorial with us! Love the hand quilting!

  5. The cover is gorgeous, what a great idea! Thank you for sharing the tutorial :)

  6. Omg! This is so cute! I have been perusing ideas for a cover for my diy bullet journal that would incorporate my love of hand quilting! What a beautiful project! I cannot wait to give it a go! Thank you so much for sharing your talents! �� #BestIdeaEver

  7. Great tutorial. I love the hand quilting.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern.


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