Super Easy Quilted Potholders

I have shelves and shelves of fabric. Honestly, I doubt I'll ever use it all, especially if I continue being a scrap fabric obsessive. I can't throw little bits away.

I used scraps of Vintage Kitchen and made some of the easiest scrappy quilted potholders, EVER!

Sew scrap pieces together to make a "square-ish" sort of block. Sandwich some backing fabric, 2 layers of cotton batting (mine were scraps which is zig-zagged together), and the scrappy block. 

Quilt as desired. I chose straight lines for one, and then wavy lines on the others. 

Find a circular shape to use as a template. A side plate or bowl is perfect. Trace around the circle, directly onto the fabric. Cut on the line. 

Baste some ribbon (if you wish) and the sew on some bias binding. Must be bias for a round potholder (stretch-factor).

Then go ahead and make more and more. Your friends all need potholders, right?


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