50 Fat Quarter Makes {Book Review}

Before Christmas, I gathered quite a number of new crafty books. Over that crazy, busy time of the year and the summer holidays, they sat in a pile on the end of my cutting table, waiting for my attention. Not just the hurried flick through which I gave them, but to sit down and enjoy them properly.

50 Fat Quarter Makes compiled by Ame Verso, was one of these books. I have a lot of Fat Quarters (FQ's) in my stash. I think that they're just a great size - especially when you like a fabric, but aren't sure what you'll make with it. Plus, you can buy a few FQ's from a range of fabric, without necessarily breaking the bank.

This book is filled with lots of great ideas on ways to use up those FQ's in our stashes. Each chapter is separated by the number of FQ's required to create the projects. 

For example, and as a rough guide: 

1 FQ and the project options include a pincushion, a coin purse, or even a dog bandanna. 

4 FQ's projects include an apron, a pretty patchwork skirt, a hedgehog family (CUTE!!).

10 FQ projects include a table runner, pillow and even a couple of quilts.

There are more projects in between, with various amounts of FQ's required.

If you follow my on social media, you may have noticed that I've recently discovered garment sewing. I've made my daughter a dress and a number of skirts. In the 2 FQ chapter, I found a Girly Twirly Skirt pattern by Emily Levey. 

It's a simple design which only required 2 FQ's and will create a skirt for a girl up to 6 years of age. My little miss is 8, so I made my bottom strip section a little wider than the pattern, which gave this little skirt some extra length. 

She seems pleased with the finished skirt, especially as I used the cutest fabrics from the Woodland Spring range by Riley Blake Designs. Foxes, deer, bunny rabbits and squirrels. Super cute!

50 Fat Quarter Makes has sooooo many great projects to make as gifts. Sure, there are a lot of projects which I'd probably never make, but there are also many that I would love to work on (either for myself, family or friends). That's always a good thing when choosing new books - whether you'll be able to create more than one project from the book. This book is certainly a great addition to my crafty book library.

There is one other thing which I think needs mentioning; 50 Fat Quarter Makes is compiled by Ame Verso, but the projects are contributed by a number of different designers. There is something in here which would suit just about any taste. Projects range from the more vintage inspired like crochet rolls and cute pillows, to more modern designs like the place mat sets by Kevin Kosbab (whose style with modern design and bias binding, is quite distinct).

If you're interested in purchasing this book, it's available in Australia from Booktopia or internationally from amazon.com. 

TITLE:  50 Fat Quarter Makes
ISBN:  9781446305911
PUBLISHER:  David & Charles

Disclaimer: I received this book for the purpose of review. All opinions and images are my own.

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