Teacher Appreciation Pillows

I've made a lot of teacher pillows over the past few weeks. I made pillows for my children's teachers and a few extras for people who loved them and ordered some. I finished my latest teacher pillow a few days ago (for a friend, who is a teacher and wants it for her classroom)... and realised that I shared progress shots and pillow pictures on social media, but never actually blogged about them. Whoops!

I love these pillows soooooooooo much! The basic pattern is by Amy of NanaCompany. Stop on over at her blog for the free pattern. It's really sweet and perfect for Christmas. I used the basic idea and added my own wording to make these especially for teacher appreciation gifts.

I forgot to take a full finished photo of this Teacher Pillow - Whoops!

I've had great feedback from the teachers, who all loved them. Apparently there were even a few happy tears... which is always a very nice achievement, right?


  1. They are all delightful,such beautiful gifts.

  2. So beautiful and thoughtful.

  3. These are delightful. Lots of color and sweet sentiment towards teaching.

  4. I LOVE these. I have the perfect teacher in mind. Thanks for posting


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