Woven QAYG {Tutorial}

It's probably not anything new and if I were to look, I'd probably find a whole heap of tutorials on this Woven QAYG method. But after sharing images on social media, I received a number of requests for the tutorial, so here goes!

I created these next projects with the beautiful Chatsworth range by Emily Taylor Designs for Riley Blake Designs. The prints are lovely feminine and sweet - and because using this method doesn't require much fabric, I have lot's left over to use in other projects. Yay!

As this will be a general tutorial and can be used with what you have available and for whichever project your like, I won't give specific measurements. Just rough guides.

Firstly, begin by gathering your strips of fabric. As a rough guide, the various print fabric strips which I used in the following projects were 1.5" x 8". You will also need a starter square. Mine was a 3" square.

A piece of batting which needs to be at least 1.5" larger (all around) than the finished size of what you're making. The larger sizing will be trimmed back, after quilting. For example, the pillow which I made measured 12" x 15" so I'd probably find a piece of batting which measures approximately 15" x 18".

I drew some guidance lines on my batting with a pink marker. I found this kept my pieces even and the woven section running in a straight-ish line.

Place the square diagonally on the edge of the batting with the right side facing up.

Take your first strip and turn it so that the right side is facing down. Align the raw edges with the two right angle sides of the square.

Use a 1/4" foot on your machine and sew the seam along the strip edge. Flip that strip over so that the right side is now facing up. I finger press (because I'm too lazy to get up each time I sew a strip), but if you have your iron nearby, you could press each strip properly.

At this stage, you can add a little extra quilting. Using your sewing machine foot as a guide, sew a line 1/4" from the seam all the way down to the end of the strip. Continue to do this for each additional strip. 

Take the next strip (with the right side facing down) and place it on the bottom corner of the previous strip. Ensure that the raw edges are aligned and sew the seam. Flip, press and then quilt the straight line alongside the seam. 

Go back to the opposite side, align the strip, sew, flip, press and quilt... continue doing this until you've reached the other end of the batting and it's all covered. The strips will go over the end edge, but keep going until the batting is covered.

Now place whichever neutral pieces you'd like to complete the project. In my pillow, I pieced some cinnamon colour shot cotton on the top and bottom of the woven section, hiding all of the raw points. I placed my fabric with the right side facing down, atop the the woven edge, sewed all the way along and then flipped over the shot cotton piece. I then quilted straight lines approximately 3/8" apart (using a sewing machine foot as a guide). I repeated this with the top section.

Use this WOVEN QAYG method to add a little bit of interest to projects like bags, baskets, etc...

I hope this has given you something to think about and play with. As always, if you use this tutorial to create a project, please share your images with me via email or tag me on social media @SameliasMum - hashtag #SameliasMum


Melody said...

Thank you for this fabulous tutorial and everything else you have so generously shared with us this year

Unknown said...

Another great tutorial,thank you. You are very generous sharing your ideas!

Lesley Gilbert said...

Thank you for this lovely tutorial - Happy New Year 2016 to you :)

Lesley Gilbert said...

I just noticed the time - it's 3.45 here in England so you are 11 hours ahead of me :)

Mary maloney said...

Thanks for sharing and Happy 2016. I think this pattern would make a beautiful table runner.

Kate said...

Great tutorial, thanks! :)