Festive QAYG Strip Cushion Tutorial {Handmade Christmas}

Quilting as you go, is one of my favourite techniques. It’s super simple and a great way for a beginner to get the hang of working with layers of fabric and batting. Best of all, QAYG is fast!

This is my Festive QAYG Strip Cushion. It can be made with any fabrics you like, but I’ve used the Christmas Basics range, which is available from Spotlight Stores, to create this Christmassy version.


Pattern is based on a 14” cushion insert.

What you will need:

2” strips of assorted Christmas print fabrics along with a few co-ordinating prints (eg spots, chevrons, stars etc). For a scrappier look, use assorted strip widths.
1 square of cotton batting – 1” square larger than the cushion insert you use. My cushion insert is 14”, so I used a 15” square of cotton batting.
15” x 22” cotton batting (for the quilted backing) ** optional **
1/2 yard of backing fabric
6” x WOF of coordinating print (binding)
General sewing supplies


Begin by drawing a line, diagonally across the square of batting. Use a pencil or frixion pen.


Place a strip of fabric on top of the batting (right side facing up), aligned with the drawn line. Try to ensure the fabric hangs over the edge of the batting by approximately an inch (especially as we add begin to add the next strips of fabric).


Place the next strip, right on top of the first one – this time with the right side facing down. Align the raw edges along the drawn line.


Sew a 1/4” seam along the raw edges (beside the line) through all three layers.
Flip the top strip over and press.
Using your sewing machine foot as a guide to top stitch either side of the seam line.


Add the next strip, on top of the previous one, with the right side facing down. Align the raw edges and sew the seam. Flip, press and top stitch. Repeat these steps until the batting is covered.
Trim the excess fabric and square the cushion top.


Binding (single fold)
Cut the binding print fabric into (3) 1 3/4” strips.
Join 2 of the binding strips together end to end with 45-degree seams, then trim the seam and press open.
* Cut the remaining binding strip in half.

Cushion Backing
Decide how you’d like to finish your cushion. I created a quilted backing and made an envelop style back, but a zipper is fine, or buttons or just closing it up completely.
To make my quilted backing, sandwich the long piece of batting and the backing fabric.
Quilt as desired - I quilted straight lines, approximately 1” apart.
Cut this long piece in half so that you have (2) 15” x 11” pieces.
Attach the binding to one 15” long raw edge – repeat for the other piece. Sew the binding strip to the back (with right side down), flip it over to the front, press the raw edge under and top stitch.

Place the cushion front (the QAYG portion) on a flat surface with the right side down.
Layer and align one of the quilted pieces on the top of the cushion, right side up with binding towards the centre and then place the remaining backing piece aligned with the lower raw edges. Use the below image, for guidance.


Pin all of the layers in place and sew a basting stitch all the way around the cushion (approximately 1/8” along the edge). This will be hidden when attaching the binding.

Starting about halfway along one side of the cushion and leaving a tail for joining, sew the binding to the right side, mitring the corners as you go. Stop approximately 5” from the starting point, join the ends neatly with a 45-degree seam, trim the surplus and finish sewing the binding to the cushion. Turn the raw edges to the back and under then slip-stitch the binding in place along the seam-line.

Insert the 14" cushion and enjoy.



  1. Thank you so much for this great idea and tutorial :)

  2. Making this today!! Thank you so much for the tutorial!!


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