What makes Nutella even sweeter?

A cook book filled with 30 delicious Nutella recipes is pretty sweet, but…

Nutella Cook Book


… a personalised jar of Nutella, all of your own, is even sweeter!


Personalised Nutella

Please disregard the dishevelled look – it was raining outside and I didn’t bring an umbrella with me.


With a name like mine, I never got to buy anything personalised. Never a mug nor a pen nor a sticker sheet. It started from a young age. I’d watch Romper Room and at the end, Miss Helena would look through her magic mirror and tell us who she’d see… and she never “saw” me. Not once. Oh yes, this is a “woe is me” story.

You can imagine my joy at discovering that the Myer Giftorium now sell and personalise Nutella jars - while you wait. If you have a friend or family member with an unusual name, get them one of these for Christmas.

Trust me.

They will love, love, LOVE it!! They will love you. It will be a love-fest.


Pink Christmas Tree at Myer

Don’t you just love it when there’s a with an extremely high ‘decoration to tree’ ratio?


I was invited along to an event on Saturday, to experience the Myer Giftorium in the Sydney City store. Honestly, as far as shopping at Christmas time, it truly was quite a magical experience. The store was beautiful with Christmas trees decorated to the hilt,  Christmas carols blaring merrily from the speakers, the staff were all festive and cheerful and my kids were quite well behaved, even when given free reign to explore.

Of course we headed straight to the toy department – when you’re 8 and 9, where else would you want to go?

We looked at all of the cool new LEGO, board games and dolls. I discovered this ‘Big Bang Theory’ LEGO set which didn’t come home with me immediately, but I may have to go back and buy one for FlyBoy.


Big Bang Theory Lego


When it comes to Christmas gifts, men are so hard to buy for. Whether it’s a husband, father, brother, cousin… I really struggle with what to get them (other than the usual t-shirt or cologne options).


What are some of your “male” gift suggestions?


I must admit, my male found this very 80’s, new and improved Atari classic game console in the store. It certainly brings back a lot of childhood memories. I may just have to go back and buy him one of these too. We can play Donkey Kong battles and teach the kids all about Pacman and Space Invaders.



Thanks to Kids Business and Myer for hosting a lovely family event.

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