Oh Starry Night : Table Runner Tutorial {Handmade Christmas}

Gather some Christmas print fabrics (scraps are perfect for this project) and create my ‘Oh Starry Night’ table runner.

If you’re new to raw edge applique, this is a great project to get you started as there are no tricky curves to worry about.

Anorina Pattern - Christmas Runner

My Oh Starry Night Table Runner finished size is 9 1/2” x 34 1/2”.

What you will need:

Assorted Christmas fabric pieces
10” x 35” cotton fabric in natural (linen or calico are great for this project)
10” x 35” fusible fleece (I used pellon brand)
1-2 sheets of heat n bond (H&B) or vliesofix (this is dependant on how many stars you will create)
10” x 35” backing fabric
Red cotton for machine applique (I used Aurifil 50 wt #2250)
Neutral cotton for top stitching
Scissors with a sharp pointy tip
Iron and general sewing supplies



Trace a number of stars on to the paper side of the H&B paper – I used small and medium stars in my project, but feel free to use a combination of all (3) the stars in the download.

Roughly cut around each star shape and fuse them to the back of the assorted Christmas print fabrics.

Cut out the star shapes, directly on the drawn line.

Place the long piece of natural cotton backing fabric on your ironing surface and give it a good press.

Remove the backing papers from the stars and position them on the backing.

** Keep the stars within 1” of the edge of the background fabric **

When you’re pleased with the layout, press these with a hot (dry) iron.

Fuse the pellon to the back of the table runner.

Holiday Diamond Art


* Use an open-toe machine foot for better visibility when appliqueing *

Staying as close to the edge of the star fabric without going over onto the background, sew around the raw edge of each star twice – use red or a black cotton for a more defined look.

Oh Starry Night by sameliasmum.com

When all of the stars have been appliqued, give the table runner another good press.

Place the background fabric on top of the table runner, with right sides facing. Align and pin all of the layers in place.

Sew around the table runner leaving a 5” gap for turning. Clip the corners and turn out the table runner.

Press the table runner again ensuring all of the corners and seams are pushed out completely.

Top stitch all the way around (which will close the gap).

This runner can be adjusted to suit any table. Just cut a larger (or smaller) background and add more (or less) stars to suit the required size.

Download the Star Template HERE

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  1. This gives me so many ideas for holidays. Thank you.

  2. Thank You for such a cute and easy table runner!!!

  3. I just love this! I’m not an appliqué though I love the look. I have everything to do this. thanks!


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