Festive Pot Holders {Tutorial : Handmade Christmas}

I’m sharing a fun little tutorial today, on how to make these festive little pot holders. They’re perfect to use in your kitchen, or to make and gift to friends and family this coming Christmas.

Anorina Pattern - Christmas Oven Mits

To make these pot holders, you will need to gather some of your favourite festive print fabrics. I used the Xmas Basics range which is a fun contemporary range, available at Spotlight Stores.

Save and print the full pattern by following the link which I have included at the end of this post.

Please read the full pattern before commencing. All seams are 1/4" unless stated. Fabric is 100% cotton.

What you will need (per pot holder)

(2) 25cm (10") squares of festive print fabric (Pictured: Xmas Basics available at Spotlight Stores)
(2) 25cm (10") squares of cotton batting **
70cm (28") 25mm red/white gingham bias binding
15cm (6") print cotton ribbon
8" circle template *
Marking pencil or Frixion pen
Basting spray or basting pins
Scissors, sewing machine, cutting mat, rotary cutter
General sewing supplies

* A side plate or bowl are perfect to use as a circle template
** I used 2 layers of batting for these pot holders. Insul-bright can be used for added heat protection.


1. On a flat surface, lay a square of print fabric, with the printed side face down. Place the (2) squares of batting on top of this square and the remaining print square on top of the batting, with the right side facing up.

2. Spray or pin baste the layers and quilt as desired.
** I used a wavy stitch which comes standard on my machine, but straight lines are perfectly fine and contemporary

3. Use the circle template and your marking implement to trace the circle directly on the fabric.


4. Cut directly on the drawn line and discard excess outer piece.

Hanging Ribbon

Pin the piece of ribbon on top of the quilted circle, with the raw edges aligned. Sew a 1/8" basting seam to hold this end of the ribbon in place.

If the fabric print is directional, pay special attention to the placement of the hanging ribbon.


NB: The other end of the ribbon will be folded over and attached, when the binding is attached to the back of the potholder.

Open out the bias binding and fold the raw edge over 1/2" (press with warm iron if preferred). Pin the binding down with the raw edges aligned with the pot holder.


Pin all the way around the pot holder. Sew slowly around the outside of the pot holder, pivoting the presser foot as you go to ensure a smooth, curved binding.

** For a confident sewist, a pin at the beginning is enough to hold it in place, while aligning the raw edges of the bias binding, as you go.

Overlap the end of the binding by approximately 1/2" and then cut the excess binding.

Flip the bias binding over to the back and use a warm iron to encourage a smooth, even binding.

Tuck the end of the hanging ribbon under the binding, fold the raw edges under and slip stitch the binding in place along the seam line.


I hope that you have enjoyed creating the Festive Pot Holder with my pattern. Make a few for yourself and a few to give to friends and family this Christmas.

If you use this pattern to create Festive Pot Holders, please share your images with me (contact details are all below). Thank you :)

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Anorina Pattern - Christmas Oven Mits


  1. Very sweet pot holders. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Very cute and super easy..

  3. Very cute and super easy..

  4. Darling! Will be the perfect gift!
    Your site was an instant must since....my mum's name is Amelia!


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