Donut Decorations: Tutorial + Pattern {Handmade Christmas}

Gather some felt, beads and matching cotton thread to create these 100% fat-free donut decorations.

Donut Decorations by Anorina Morris (

Download and print the full pattern by clicking through the link, which I’ve shared at the end of this post.

Honestly, just like the real thing, you can’t stop at just one. After making the first one one, I couldn’t stop and made more and more… and will probably make a few more… to gift, or to keep… either, or!

Donut Decorations 3

Donut Decorations 1

Download the pattern (link at the end of this post) for the materials list and the donut template.

1. Trace (2) donut shapes on to the brown felt. Cut these out.

2. Trace the small (inner) circle on to a section of the colour felt. Free-cut around this circle to make the icing section. Cut out the circle. Place the icing on top of a brown circle with the centres aligned, and trim the icing where necessary.


3. Attach the beads to the icing section. I used neutral thread and sewed a back stitch behind each bead (just to be sure they were secure).


4. Use a matching Aurifil 12wt cotton thread (or 2 strands of cotton floss) to sew down the icing to the donut background. Blanket stitch would be nice, or easy slip stitch like I have used. Sew small even stitches for best results.


5. Layer the back donut circle, background donut circle and icing so that the centre cut-out is aligned (as well as possible). The felt does stretch a little, so it's okay if the circle cut outs do not align exactly.

6. Use the same icing colour thread to sew all three layers together, on the inside of the centre cut-out circle.

7. Make a loop with the twine and knot the end. Place the knotted end inside of the two donut layers.

8. Use matching (tan) Aurifil 12wt thread (or 2 strands of cotton floss) to sew small even stitches around the outside edge of the donut.

Add small pieces of poly-fil as you sew your way around the donut. The twine will be sewn into the seam at this stage. Add a couple of small stitches through the twine itself, for extra stability.

Donut Decorations 2

Knot the end of the thread and bury it within the body of the donut.

Now admire your work and make another fat-free donut decoration.

I hope that you have enjoyed creating the Donut Decoration with my pattern. Make a few for yourself and a few to give to friends and family this Christmas.

If you use this pattern to create Donut Decorations, please share your images with me via email or tag me on social media @SameliasMum or #SameliasMum

Donut Decorations by Anorina Morris ( Handmade Christmas Series

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  1. The only kind of doughnuts I like! Thanks very much, Anorina. They're lovely - and I really like that it's all done by hand.


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