Space Age Boys

It’s no secret that I love handmade. Both receiving and gifting handmade items are something I am passionate about. I know that not everyone has this same idea, so I do have to choose who I make items for – I really wouldn’t want to waste time (and fabric) for items to just end up in the garbage or at the op shop.

Space Age Pillow 1
Yoda Itty Bitty by Hallmark

My son went to a birthday party on the weekend. His friend was turning 10. It is becoming really difficult to come up with handmade ideas for boys of this age. Rather than imaginations games with capes and swords, they’re into their electronic gadgets these days. Why do kids have to grow up so quickly?!?!

Space Age Pillow

To go with a little toy, I made a Space Age Pillow – with a big pocket in the back to store his PJ’s or bed time book. This space fabric was chosen by my son from Spotlight.

Space Age Pillow 2

The birthday boys mum sent me photo yesterday of her son cuddling with his new pillow. He really likes it, which makes me very happy.

What are your handmade ideas for pre-teen boys?


  1. Hi Anorina,wow this is an awesome gift you have put together ,I can see why he was very happy,well done xx

    1. Thanks Shez. I fear that this could be the end age of handmade boy gifts.
      Why do kids have to grow up so quickly?

      Have a great day my friend xxx


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