All In A Row – Quilted Placemats {Free Pattern}

Do you love a quick finish project? Yes, me too. It’s a lovely feeling to start and finish something and to be able show a result. Sure a project which is intricate and requires a lot of time and skill is a wonderful thing, but something that is finished quickly is just as satisfying.

This past couple of weeks, I’ve been in a bit of a “placemat making frame of mind”. I’ve been quite ill this past few weeks, so these types of small projects, which could be completed in a sitting, have been perfect.

All in a Row -Placemats Quilting
All in a Row - Placemat detail

My ‘All in a Row’ quilted placemats were fun to create, and SUPER easy! Gather a handful of scrappy strips, some solid fabric for the outer borders and have a go at creating some ‘All in a Row’ quilted placemats. Add a little row of hand stitching, for a special “personal” touch.

All in a Row Placemat
The full pattern, including step by step photographs and binding instructions, can be downloaded HERE from my Google Drive.

The fabric which I used in the scrappy row is called Forget Me Not by Sue Daley Designs. It’s available in Australia from Millhouse Collections or check the Penny Rose Fabrics website for international stockists.

If you liked my pattern and use it to create your own “All in a Row” Quilted Placemats, I would love to see your creations. Please email a picture or tag me on social media with my handle @SameliasMum or hashtag #SameliasMum.

All in a Row - Quilted Placemat 2


  1. Thank you.......luv this idea, I will be making a couple for my elderly mother for Christmas. Hope you are feeling better especially now that Spring and nicer weather is with us. Take care, Annette

  2. A great idea ... I have made Christmas table runners in a similar way.
    Hope you are feeling better now!

  3. Thank you for the pattern. I love the fabrics you used! I hope that you feel better soon....

  4. Will try this! Thanks for sharing..

  5. Will try this! Thanks for sharing..


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