Extravaganza by Lila Tueller

You know when you see a line of fabric, that just makes you happy? Something about the colours or the prints or the whole way it all works together, just puts a smile on your face and inspires you to sew?!?!
That’s what it has been like for me and Extravaganza (what a great name, right?)

I’ve been lucky enough to play with some of this beautiful new range designed by Lila Tueller for Riley Blake Designs and it’s been nothing but joy!


I started by making this 18” cushion in the turquoise and lilac/purples in the range. The 2 colour groups play so nicely together and radiate a lovely fresh feel.



I wavy quilted it (my new favourite way to quilt) and then bound the cushion in purple and off-white stripe binding. I love purple and I really don’t think that I use it nearly often enough in my projects. For now, I can only give you this sneaky peek as it’s going to be a magazine project (published later in the year).

So inspired by my pretty new cushion, I woke up the next morning and decided to make a quilt (as you do). I’ve called this quilt “Left of Centre” because all of the blocks are un-centred which gives this quilt a not-so-structured feel.

Left of Centre - Quilt by Anorina Morris


The bright colours are balanced with white solid fabric so that they really pop! I used a fairly thin wool/cotton batting and quilted it with a loopy all over design. It’s the perfect size to keep you snug on the couch when watching the telly in the evening.

I am writing up this the pattern for “Left of Centre” though I have to admit that I’m a little but stuck on how to create a diagram for the block placement. I’ll get there though and will have the pattern available soon.

Extravaganza is due for release in July 2015 and is available through Millhouse Collections here in Australia.

So these are a few things which I’ve been up to lately. I seem to spend a lot of time on Instagram these days, and share more over there than here on the blog. If you’re on IG, come say hello --- @SameliasMum --- I’ll be giving away a scrap bundle of Extravaganza there soon… very very soon…

Have you been playing with pretty fabrics lately?
Are there some new fabrics which just inspire you and make you happy?


  1. Your quilt is beautiful, Anorina. The colours are so pretty.

  2. Love those fabric colours and what a gorgeous quilt. What a pity they are so girlie, I have two grandsons due in the next eight weeks!

  3. After having to put my sewing machine away for a year, I am now finally able to get it back out again. So anything to do with fabric is wonderful these days.

  4. lovely design for that fabric... well done you....


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