Bursting Buds Table Runner {Tutorial}

This is my Bursting Buds table-runner. I love how it turned out and so today, I am sharing a little tutorial on how I made it… and how you can make one too.

EDIT: New pattern will be available soon

Bursting Buds Table Runner by SameliasMum 3

Sometimes, procrastination leads to inspiration. I had to create a spring themed project for an upcoming deadline, but even though the ideas were there, I couldn’t settle on course of action. I love to create magazine projects, but when I create them, in the back of my mind, I always think “How will this translate into a pattern?” “Will it be easy to follow?”.

I decided put it all aside and delved into my ever-growing scrap basket. Sorting through some bright scraps from precious projects, got me inspired to create a fun little table runner for my coffee table. The coffee table is always cluttered with remote controls, books, magazines, empty glasses, colouring books and pencils, random pieces of Lego and matchbox cars. iPods. Head-phones.

What’s one extra thing to fight for space on the coffee-table, right?

I drew a chunky leaf and transferred it onto some template plastic. Then I traced it approximately 20 or 30 times  onto the back of some double sided bonding sheet (Vliesofix). Roughly cut out around each leaf shape (approximately 1/8” outside of the line).

Bursting Buds Table Runner by SameliasMum - Step 2

Fuse these leaves onto the back of some pretty scrap fabrics. Bright, happy colours and prints were the ones I chose for myself. In saying this, rather than my scrappy happy version, a more restrained colour palette which co-ordinates with your home would look wonderful too. Cut out these leaves, on the drawn line and remove the paper backings. Put these aside for a few minutes while we prepare the next step.

Next up, the background. I chose a seeded homespun fabric. Linen would be fabulous - but I didn’t have a piece large enough. Incidentally, why is it so tricky to source linen, for quilt projects, in Australia? Cut back ground fabric to whatever size you would like, which suits your table. Mine is approximately 14” wide by 32” long.

Now on to the vines… bias strips. I had some left over from previous projects, so used these. You can use your little bias maker to make some strips specifically for this project, or just purchase a pack from your LQS. You really don’t need a lot for this project, plus the lengths are only short, so making your own is a fun way to practise.

Arrange the strips so that they curve a little and have a nice flowing effect. Use your hot iron to ease them into shape. Dot some glue on the back to secure them in place.

Bursting Buds Table Runner by SameliasMum - Step 1

Now the fun begins, take your runner to your pressing surface. This will make it easier to fuse into place immediately, rather than transporting your layout and bits and pieces flying off all over the place.

Arrange your leaves around the bias strips. At this stage, if your leaves are looking a little sparse, cut and prepare some more. I thought I had initially cut enough leaves, but realised I only had enough for half.

Bursting Buds Table Runner by SameliasMum - Step 3

Once all of the leaves are in place and you’re happy with the overall layout, press them so that they fuse into place.

Sandwich backing fabric, batting and your table runner top. Pin baste.

Firstly, we will applique the leaves. At this stage, I kept my regular open toe foot on my sewing machine and slowly sewed along either side of each binding strip. Still with my regular sewing foot, I sewed around each leaf. I used a variegated 40 WT silver to grey Aurifil thread (#4670) which gave it a fun effect.

Time to free motion quilt. Choose the thread colour (I used 40WT Aurifil # 2024). Lower the feed dogs and change to a darning or FMQ foot. Now go with it. Stipple. Loop. Echo. Feather. Or pebble quilt, like I did… with a feather thrown into the mix, just for fun.

Bursting Buds Table Runner by SameliasMum 1

Bursting Buds Table Runner by SameliasMum 2

When the quilting is finished, trim up the table runner and sew on your binding. Clear the clutter from your coffee table and place your new Bursting Buds table runner in the centre.

Please, please, please send me a picture if you make a Bursting Buds Table Runner or tag it on Instagram with #BurstingBudsTableRunner or tag me @SameliasMum. Please credit me if you share this pattern on social media or create this runner to sell. Thank you

Bursting Buds Table Runner by SameliasMum


  1. it is so fresh and pretty ... truly a SPRING project xxx

    1. Thank you Diane. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and have told the kids they’re not allowed to touch it. I’ll give it a day, before someone spills something on it.

      Have a fab weekend.

  2. Very Spring like Anorina! There is something very relaxing about a meandering line on a table runner!

  3. I LOVE this! I have plenty of scraps, and this will be a great little project for some free motion quilting practice. Thanks so much!!

  4. This has a lovely delicate feel about it and is a brilliant way to use up scraps.


  5. This is so pretty! It will certainly brighten your home throughout your fall/winter months. We're about halfway through spring here (though we've got a frost warning for tonight) so I love all the fresh, spring colors you've used.

  6. So pretty and looks real easy!!

  7. this is so pretty....

  8. So pretty! How in the world do you find the time for so many lovely new projects all the time!?

  9. Your table runner is so pretty, Anorina.

  10. I LOVE the way you think!! Your style and ideas are so inspired! ❤️

  11. Love this table runner. Perfect for my table. Thank you.

  12. This is absolutely adorable!!! from the bottom of my heart: what a talent! it makes me want to sew which I haven't done since I was a 12 by helping my mother sew. Oh my! so inspirational!!! :) beautiful! thanks for sharing :)

  13. This is absolutely adorable!!! from the bottom of my heart: what a talent! it makes me want to sew which I haven't done since I was a 12 by helping my mother sew. Oh my! so inspirational!!! :) beautiful! thanks for sharing :)

  14. I love this....I make lots of runners for charity and this one is easy to do by hand also...thank you


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