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Are you a craft swap addict like me? There are so many fun swaps popping up all over Instagram lately, and keeping myself under control by only signing up to a few has been a little tricky. They all sound like so much fun and I think that if postage out of Australia wasn't so expensive, I'd sign up for everything!

Tesela Mini Quilt by Anorina Morris

The Instagram Swap is now what the Flickr Swap was, 2-3 years ago. They're a fun way to meet new people who are interested in the same things as you are. You can show your progress photos, tagged with the relevant hash-tag, and receive fast responses from other participants.

#IGMiniOZ Swap - Tesela Mini Quilt

I joined some Australian quilters in the #IGMiniOZ swap. In this swap,
we had to make a mini quilt, anywhere between 6" x 6" to 24" x 24" for an Australian partner. I'd made a mini quilt for my partner and have had it sitting here, ready for the postal date for ages.

At the last moment, I decided that I didn't think it was really "her", so I made another one and finished it off yesterday. A little bit last minute, but I'm much happier with this one and I think it'll suit a little better. The fabric is by Lily Ashbury from her line called "Fancy" by Moda Fabrics. 

I've called this the Tesela Mini Quilt. I will share this block tutorial in the coming weeks. This Tesela Block is actually the start of something bigger..... oh don't you love a little sneaky secret?!?!

I was thinking about the quilting and was initially going to quilt it with straight lines. But a mis-press on my machine and I found this wavy stitch. I widened it and lengthened it and voila! #WiggleQuilting was born. The wiggles are sewn up and down the quilt, just like straight line quilting and I have varied  their distance which has given a nice effect. Oh, and the texture. The texture is amazing!

This is the back of the mini quilt. The fabric is an older line by Prints Charming which I bought at Spotlight a while ago. Fat Flats or FQ's are just the perfect mini quilt backs, don't you think?

On a side note, I am currently hosting my own IG swap. The sign up stage has ended and partners have all been assigned and sent out. 

The hash-tag #IGNeedleBookSwap is a busy space with a lot of beautiful inspiration boards and mosaics. A few of the participants have actually already finished their needle books - less than a week after receiving their partner details! A number of people missed this swap and I've had a number of emails and messages asking about the next one. Yes, I will host another one of these swaps - probably later in the year - so keep an eye out for the hash-tag if you're interested.

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