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With Mothers Day only a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about what we want to give our mums… or friends who are mums. Flowers, chocolates, picture frames and coffee cups are what I usually receive from my children. They’re in primary school and really enjoy taking in some spending money to buy a special gift at the school Mothers Day stall.

If your kids are a little older and understand the concept of a wish list, here are a few fun books which you might like to include.
Mosaic Made Easy
By Alice Vinten

This is a beautifully photographed step by step guide to making 20 fabulous mosaic projects.

Mosaic Made Easy

It is suitable for beginners with an excellent introductory chapter covering the basics of this craft. From types of tiles, to cutting, smashing china, glue and grout. There is even a trouble shooting and tips section for commonly asked questions.

The projects are sweet. They start quite simply, with a simple coaster and fridge magnet. Once confidence is built, the crafter can create more detailed projects such as china butterflies and hearts (my favourite), a stunning house number project and move on to curved projects like lanterns or a lovely Christmas tree.

Mosaic Made Easy is a truly lovely book and if you’re looking for a fun new craft to try, why not give mosaic-ing a go? I shared this image over on Instagram and learned that a lot of my quilty and crafty friends also enjoy this craft. I have a pile of coloured tiles (from Bunnings) and am ready to have a go.

Mosaic Made Easy is published by New Holland Publishers and available for purchase from Can Do Books, or Amazon – ISBN 9781742576138

5 Minute Mug Cakes
By Jennifer Lee

If I had to describe this book in one word, it would have to be YUM!


Have you ever tried making a mug cake? They’re very quick to whip up, the perfect size for an evening treat and require very little effort for a delicious outcome.

5 Minute Mug Cakes has almost 100 delicious recipes for creating mug cakes. Jennifer has a ‘back-to-basics’ approach and has created most of her recipes with only minimal ingredients. Most of the ingredients required for a mug cake are generally available in your cupboard or pantry.

The recipes are broken down into Chocoholic,
Fruity, Skinny (under 200 calories), 4 ingredients or less, breakfast, coffee & tea, nostaglic, 21 and over, cookie, brownie, spread, holiday, gluten free and savoury mug cakes.

The other night I was craving a sweet treat, so in under 3 minutes (from start to finish), I was enjoying a Nutella mug cake. It was that quick an easy.


5 Minute Mug Cakes is a yummy book with plenty of beautiful photographs to inspire – I do love a cook book with good photos. Available for purchase from Booktopia, and Amazon – ISBN 9781937994983

The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting
By Linda Seward


This is one of the most comprehensive quilting books which I’ve seen in a long time. The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting covers everything you need to know about this style of quilting – in depth. It is a visual treat with every page a new source of inspiration.

This beautiful book guides the quilter, step-by-step through every creative option needed to create an art quilt with over 1500 images!

It is broken down into main chapters. Each chapter is introduced and then covered in depth covering everything from materials, different construction methods and ideas. The chapters included in this ultimate guide are: the basics, surface design, patchwork, applique, quilting, embellishment and finishing.

The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting is a fabulous resource and a fantastic addition to any craft book library. Available from Booktopia, Can Do Books and Amazon.

Fabric Blooms
By Megan Hunt

Fabric blooms is a beautiful book with 42 flowers to make, wear and adorn your life.


The project instructions are easy to follow with templates provided.

Create flowers to adorn your home, to fill vases, head pieces, home wares and clothing. Create flowers in a rainbow of colours and from various materials including cotton, silk, jersey, felt.

Rather than fresh flowers, learn to create fabric flowers and create a beautiful bouquet to present to family or friends.

Fabric Flowers is available to purchase from Booktopia – ISBN 9781454708018

Tilda : Homemade and Happy
By Tone Finnanger

The queen of shabby chic, Tone Finnanger is back with her newest book Homemade and Happy.

Tilda Homemade and Happy

Homemade and Happy is a gorgeous collection of home accessories including quilts, cushions and decorative items to make the festive season even more special.

If like me, you love Tilda fabrics, the projects are a visual feast. The projects include diagrams and photos to assist in creating the projects. There are some simple projects, like the hexagon teacup pincushion and some more detailed projects requiring more time and skill such as the Quilted Father Christmas. This father Christmas is one which would take time to create, but would undoubtedly be a family heirloom, delighting family every year.

Homemade and Happy is more than just an instructional book – it is an experience. A glimpse into a Norwegian family and their cabin in the woods. A certain ‘must-have’ for any Tilda fan.

Homemade and Happy is available from Booktopia, Can Do Books and Amazon – ISBN 9781446305904

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