Bunny Pincushion

The other week, I was grocery shopping at my local Woolworths store and came across their shelves of pretty Easter items. Bowls, mugs, baskets for Easter egg hunts. All of those pretty pastel items to decorate the home for the upcoming season.

On the end of a shelf I saw a stack of bunny bowls. Bunnies in the reclined position with a hole in their belly where the chocolates or sweets would go.

Bunny Bowl and Egg Cup

After seeing all of the sweet pincushions which Lori (Bee in my Bonnet) and Kerri (Lovely Little Handmades) make, I wondered if this would make a good pincushion. I snapped a quick photo on my phone and shared it on Instagram, posing the pincushion question.

The response was enormous and before long, ceramic bunny bowls were appearing in my IG feed. Some people who were not finding any in their local stores, shopped further afield to find a bunny bowl. There was arranging for other IG friends to buy bowls for them and meeting at a midway point for a coffee and bowl exchange. Honestly, when we crafty people get an idea in our heads, it’s all systems go!

I used a couple of charm squares, drew the biggest circle I could within the raw edges, placed the squares with the right sides facing out and sewed around on the line. I left a little gap to fill the cushion with poly-fill and then finished sewing the small gap.

As the bowl is a little deep, I added a layer of poly-fill to the bottom and them placed the pincushion on top. The raw edges tuck under the opening and aren’t visible from the top.

I think it looks pretty and it’s already in use on my sewing table.

Have you joined the Bunny Pincushion revolution?



  1. You are so gosh darn creative. Total #CreativeGoodness.


  2. That is so cute! I love those bunny bowls. You should totally create a linky on this post so others can blog about their pin cushions and share them here for everyone to see.

  3. I am off asap to find a bunny bowl!! Thanks for the post!!

  4. very cute xx

  5. How clever of you Anorina! Love it...
    I'm not an IG user, but I can just imagine the interest you created with your pic!


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