Hello. It’s been a while.

Hello. Long time no see. Yes, I’m still alive and kicking. I decided that I needed to take a few weeks off from everything.

It’s just been lot’s of hanging out with my family and friends. Trying new recipes. Cooking and eating. Swimming in the pool and lazing around in the summer sunshine. We have really been blessed with some gorgeous weather here on the coast of South Eastern Australia. The temperature has only been reaching the 30 degrees Celsius mark which makes it perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors without feeling overwhelmed with the heat.

Raspberry and Mascarpone Cream Trifle

Toblerone and Malteser Cheesecake - Thermomix Recipe

Hommus with Chorizo Topping

Even though I’ve been able to enjoy a few weeks away from “work” sewing, I have enjoyed some “play” sewing time. I joined a few swaps on Instagram and have been having lots of fun seeing what everyone is working on and watching their progress.

I’m participating in the Schnitzel and Boo mini swap and have travelled down the embroidery road. My partner doesn’t have any embroidery on her IG feed, so I’m hoping that this is something which she will like.

Dream Catcher Feather Embroidery Pattern

The stitchery design is from Urban Threads and honestly, I don’t know how I’ll have the time to actually stitch all of the patterns which I’ve bought and downloaded. If you like quirky and unusual designs, you really should pop on over and have a look at the site.

Dream catcher Embroidery

I’m stitching the dream catcher on white hanky linen (my absolute favourite backing fabric) and have used Perle 8 cotton to embroider the design. These aren’t my usual “go to” colours, but I think they work well with the background fabric I’ve chosen for my mini quilt. Don’t you just love feathers and dream catchers?

I only have a little way to go, so I think I’ll bid you my good night here and go and do a little more stitching. The deadline to send our mini quilt is next week, so I’d better hop to it and finish.

Are you participating in any swaps or stitch a longs?

Have you tried any fabulous new recipes lately?

I have a big “0” birthday coming up next Sunday and I’m in need of some inspiration on how to celebrate and make it memorable. Any suggestions would be very welcome.


  1. Those desserts - have you posted them before?

  2. Hi Anorina,wow what wonderful food,and boy that mini is going to be awesome,lucky person you will be sending to my friend.xx

  3. I'm doing the schnitzelandboo swap as well , my partner couldn't be more opposite to my taste if they tried I am definitely out of my comfort zone. I'm also doing the igozminiswap, I think it is called that, and a bag swap on ig


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