One of the first things we do upon returning home, from days away, is go out and check the garden for new growth.

FlyBoy and I are newbies when it comes to gardening. We've always lived in houses with existing established gardens. We went a little crazy planting bulbs at the beginning of winter.

Our daffodils all bloomed beautifully and now that they're beginning to droop, the ranunculus (or ranunculi) have taken the spotlight.

Beautiful blooms is so many pretty colours. I am in love with their delicate beauty and stunning colours.

We planted the bulbs randomly throughout the garden and have found these beautiful blooms growing among the herbs. 

Has your spring garden begun to bloom and blossom? Or, if you're in the northern hemisphere, have the leaves begun to change colours?


  1. Ahhh, after peonies ranunculas are my favorites! You did good for newby gardeners. =)

  2. So pretty and great photography too!

  3. So, so pretty!! Thank you for sharing! Happy Spring Down Under!!

  4. Wonderful colour! We're starting to think about making our gardens into something more than weed catchers this year and I'm so looking forward to Spring blooms. Love!


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