Free Motion Applique

I created a project for All Free Sewing this weekend. It’s national sewing month and when I was invited to share a project, I was pleased. All Free Sewing is one of my favourite sewing sites and a wonderful reference.

My project involves free motion machine applique. I’m not sure this is actually a technical term – but it’s what I call it when I lower my machine feed dogs, use the quilting or darning foot and applique my shapes to the background fabric.

I’ll come back soon with a proper step by step applique tutorial - once the project is published. But for now, check out the YouTube video which my daughter filmed while I sewed down a butterfly.


It’s our first YouTube video which is very exciting to my son. He watches Minecraft YouTube videos regularly so thinks that mum having something on YouTube is pretty cool.

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  1. Great video. I look forward to seeing the tutorial. I'm interested to know what fusible applique (stuff? - sorry can't think of the word) you use. I recall you urging me probably a couple of years back to try raw edge applique as I asked you about it when you had that lovely blog banner with your name in it. I did try it and I do like it. Need loads of practice but see how if I got the hang of FMA (yes, we should make it a word with its own acronym) it would make it easier. My applique skills, particularly around corners) with a zig zag stitch have a long way to go.


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