Melbourne, you are cold!

This week has positively flown by, starting with flying down to Melbourne last Friday.

There was a bit of drama at one of the terminals in Sydney, which I discovered on my drive up to the airport. We weren't to be deterred. I parked the car in the long term car park and the kids & I caught the bus over to the terminal where we met up with FlyBoy (who was looking mighty fine in his uniform).

We were traveling on staff travel, which means stand-by flying. It can be a little nervy, not knowing if you'll get on a flight.

While waiting, Missy and I shopped. We tried all of the perfume samples at Victorias Secret (boy did we smell good!) and finally settled on a lovely pack with sprays and lotions in a sparkly toiletries bag.

We did eventually get on a plane... 4.5 hours late, but we were on our way!

We had family time and on Sunday, my ILs entertained the kids at the Melbourne Aquarium while I snuck away to the Melbourne Quilt Fair.

Oh, what an inspiring place. So many beautiful quilts on show with this stunning quilt by Linda White winning Best Of Show.

If you zoom in, you can see the hexagon detail. Over 22,000 teeny tiny hexagons. Hexagons, the size of the tip of your pinky finger. Amazing!

I bought a few bits and pieces, some templates, a FQ bundle of Terra Australis by Emma Hansen, but best of all, I got to meet some of my online sewing friends. It was such fun!

Oh, and I bought a sewing machine. See how I just threw that in there......

It's a Bernina 710, which I've decided to call Nina. I look forward to getting her home. I certainly need a bit of playing around to learn all of her tricks. Isn't she a beauty?!?

We've been on tram rides and the kids went on an outing to stage zoo in Healsville. We've had a few family gatherings around FlyBoys work schedule and look forward to a few more before we head home.

I made a special trip over to GJs Discount fabrics in Brunswick. If you are ever in Melbourne, this fabric store is an absolute must.

So many shelves of beautiful fabrics.

I bought a whole pile if $2 FQs and even found some buried treasure on the table.

St Ives by Sarah Fielke, some FQs by Heather Bailey and even a FQ of Nest by Tula Pink.

Tonight, Flyboy is working and my kiddos are heading out to Docklands with their grandparents to see some fireworks.

I won't brave the cold - I'll be staying in with a movie and some hand sewing with my FNSI friends.

I do like you Melbourne, but geez it's so much colder than what I'm accustomed to.


  1. there was me thinking ... oh! she did well with her purchases .. not too over the top ...THEN! comes the sewing machine!! what the ...!He-He have fun x

    1. LOL – yes I thought I’d just throw that in casually... at the end

      It’s such a nice machine and I’ve wanted to buy a Bernina for a long time, so when I heard about the show special, I couldn’t resist. Good times ahead!

  2. Wow what a great shopping time you have had in melbourne. Great to spend some time with you at the show. Love your machine one day for me.

  3. Oh yes, always some treasures to be found in the GJs bargain table :) so lucky to have it as my local!

  4. Sounds like loads of fun and I just looooovvveee your machine. Very jealous. I live in Melbourne but still haven't ventured to gj's. I should. Amitie is my LQS which is so dangerous.

  5. Look forward to your review on Nina, Very Jealous.....


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