Bed Makeover {in under 2 hours}

We recently gave our old queen bed a makeover and set it up in my little gals room. It was a fun and fast project, and best of all were squeals of delight when little miss got home from school and walked into her bedroom.


Bed Makeover in under 2 hours


We were going to paint the bed head and foot in white to match with the rest of her furniture… but painting requires sanding and multiple coats of paint. All things which couldn’t be finished in the time that she was at school.

Spotlight have had some fantastic sales lately. I decided to cover the bed head and foot in some fun fabric instead of painting. Spotlight have a fantastic range of decor weight fabrics and I came home with some very girly pink and purple glittery stripe fabric.


What you’ll need:

A bed

5 metres of decor weight fabric for a queen bed. There will be some left over which you can use to make a couple of 10 minute cushions.

A staple gun with lots of staples (trust me, you may go “staple crazy” like me)

Depending on the bed frame, lengths of wood to square up the head and the foot.



Bed Makeover Step 1


Start by measuring and screwing on the lengths of pine to the head and foot of the frame. This will give you a nice solid base to wrap the pretty fabric.


Line up the fabric so that there is a little bit of an over hang, over the top and around the sides (at the back). Fold it neatly, just like you would when wrapping a gift.


Bed Makeover Step 2


Staple the fabric directly to the wood across the top and down the sides (at the back where the bed will be against the wall).


Bed Makeover Step 3


Stand back and admire your work for a few minutes.


Bed Makeover Step 4


Repeat these same steps to cover the foot of the bed. If you can, fold the fabric around the sides of legs first and then over the top – this will help hide the staples and raw edges…but if you can’t do this, don’t worry too much as the mattress and quilt will cover it anyways.

Make up the bed with a lovely new quilt cover (also from Spotlight). Add some butterfly wall decals and a Pinky Pie (My Little Pony) poster and wait for your little person to get home from school.




Disclaimer: I received a voucher from Spotlight to create this project. All images and opinions are my own.


  1. if for some reason you could not hide the "staple side" of the bed, I would take some matching grosgrain ribbon and glue it down the staples to hide them - depending on your fabric, washi tape could do the trick as well

  2. A wonderful transformation

  3. Wow!! This looks amazing!

  4. Love this idea Anorina. I need a new bedhead :)


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