Ten Minute Cushions {Tutorial}

A great advertised sale, led to a trip to Spotlight over the weekend, which led to the creation of these bright and fun cushion covers.

Ten Minute Cushion Tutorial

The old cushions were looking old and tired, so we’ve made these new ones to brighten up the living room… and the best part is that using this method, you’ll have a cushion cover in under 10 minutes.

The clearance table at Spotlight had Montreaux Cotton Drill at around $4 per metre, in some really bright and fun prints. I had my kids with me, so they helped me choose. We decided on the Union Jack (because FlyBoy is a Pom), the Parisian theme (because Paris is on my bucket list) and the apple print… just because it is fun.

To make a ten minute cushion, fold the fabric in half and lay it on the cutting board. Trim the edge so you begin with a nice straight line.
Measure the cushion. I made a few of these cushions in various sizes, for my various old cushion inserts. I’ll base this tutorial on a 15” cushion insert.

If the cushion insert is 15” square, I cut a 15” strip x the width of the fabric (WOF). By cutting the same width as the cushion, you will end up with a nice full, fluffy cushion.

Ten Minute Cushion - Cut the Fabric

Fold the short edge of the fabric approximately 3/4” and press. Fold over again and press again. Do this on both ends of the long strip.

Ten Minute Cushion Tutorial - Fold the seam

Sew along the edge of the pressed seams. I use my presser foot as a guide.

Ten Min Cushion Tute

So far, this should have taken approximately 5 minutes to complete… we’re on target for the 10 minute cushion.
Head over to a flat surface and lay out the long strip with the right side facing up.
Fold the top over and then fold the bottom up and over the top (or bottom first, then top – either way works) to measure 15” long after it’s all folded. Have a measuring tape beside your cushion cover to help get the measurement just right.

Ten Min Cushion Tute 2

Pin in place. I’m not usually a pinner (unless I’m on Pinterest), but I went with 4 pins on each side. Sew along both raw edges with a 1/2” seam.
Change the machine stitch to a zig zag and sew inside of the seam along both raw edges. This will help keep the cushion edges from fraying.
Turn the cushion out making sure the corners are nice and sharp. Press it well.
Insert the cushion and admire your work.
You should be able to get 2 cushion covers from a metre (or yard) of fabric… which means that these covers were only $2 each! And best of all, they’re finished in around 9 minutes, but let’s just be generous and call it 10 minutes.

Ten Minute Cushions Tutorial

Do you love cushions?
How many do you have on your couch, right now?


  1. I love the prints you chose Anorina! I am such a fan of using drill. I might have to take a detour to Spotlight before picking up kids from school today!

  2. Love your cushions! I like them too -- there are three on my love seat and four on my couch. And I seem to always be on the lookout for more!

  3. WOW!! Love your cushions and it sure doesn't get any faster than that. Also love your sofa, such a pretty colour. I have 6 cushions on my sofas so that's one hours work. I have no excuse now!!

  4. Brilliant tutorial thank you so much for sharing

  5. Brilliant tutorial thank you for sharing

  6. Love the cushions thank you so much for sharing

  7. Thank you so much Anorina love your cushions

  8. Brilliant tutorial thank you for sharing

  9. Pillows are so easy to make. If you make a pocket pillow they are easy to remove and wash.

  10. Love your couch and the cushions!!


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