Double Smoked Ham and Leek Mini Quiches {Recipe}

They say that real men don’t eat quiche, but try telling that to my husband and son. When they follow their noses to the kitchen and realise that I am making quiche, there is often a “Yay!” involved.

Although known as a classic French dish, did you know that quiche originated in Germany? The word quiche means "cake" which came from the German word Kuchen.

Today I’m sharing my yummy variation on the classic Quiche Lorraine. My family love my mini quiches and they disappear quickly once out of the oven.


Smoked Ham & Leek Mini Quiches (Recipe)


Double Smoked Ham & Leek Mini Quiches

3 sheets of puff pastry

1 leek

200g DON Double Smoked Leg Ham

2 tbsp olive oil

5 large free range eggs

3 tbps thickened cream

Grated tasty cheese


Preheat oven to 200 degrees celcius.

Cut 4 circles out of each sheet of puff pastry (I use a large mug). Place the 12 circles of pastry in oiled muffin tray.

Warm the olive oil in a pan over a low heat. Caramelise the leek until it softens and is slightly golden.

Slice the ham as desired. Sometimes I cut into squares and sometimes I make long thin strips.

Into each pastry cup, add approximately 1 tbsp of ham and some of the leek. Top with a pinch of grated cheese.


Mini Quiche


In a bowl or a jug whisk the eggs and the cream until it’s light and frothy.

Pour a little of the mixture into each pastry cup. Don’t fill all the way to the top as the mixture will grow and overflow (and make a big mess in your oven).

Place in the oven and bake for approximately 12-15 minutes or until golden brown and delicious.

Serve with a green salad for a lovely brunch or make them just before the kids get home and let them have one for afternoon tea. You’ll receive an extra kiss and cuddle, guaranteed!


Smoked Ham & Leek Mini Quiches


DON® Ham is made from prime cuts of pork. Each leg is cured, then hung for an intense hot-smoking period, using selected Australian wood which intensifies the natural colour and flavour. The hams are then slow cooked for around eight hours.


DON Double Smoked Ham


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Disclaimer: This series is in partnership with Don Smallgoods.

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