DIY : Bed Head

When we were looking at furniture for the new house, we decided on a king bed ensemble. The main bedroom is large and we felt a smaller bed wouldn’t look quite right.

We shopped around and decided on they style of bed head we liked and which would suit our decor. When it actually came time to decide on THE bed head and pay for it, I just couldn’t imagine handing the sales assistant over $1000 for what is essentially a piece of covered wood.

So, we made our own.


DIY Bed Head


Rather than a solid piece of wood, we decided that a frame would be simple to construct and light enough to move around. Plus, it’s easy enough for me to move on my own when I decide that I’d like to change up the fabric.

We went to the local hardware (Bunnings) and bought some lengths of wood to make a frame.

We measured the bed decided that that the head would be slightly wider than the mattress/base. FlyBoy cut half lap joints on the pieces which were going to be the frame corners.


Lap Joint


A bit of heavy duty glue and clamps held the pieces together.


Lap Joint Glue


Then I had to wait for it to dry. This was the hardest part of the process.

Here, the frame is sitting on a couple of pieces of wood to keep it off the ground and level (if it was on the ground, the wood could warp where the clamp handles sat).


Lap Joint Glue 2


Once it was dry, FlyBoy attached some legs to the frame. The bottom part of the legs are the height of the mattress and will be hidden against the wall once it is in place.


Bead head legs


Next was my favourite part. The part which I had been waiting for – covering the frame. Yay!

I used some thick polyester wadding from Spotlight. It’s cheap and is sold by the metre off a roll. The fabric is decor weight, also from Spotlight and was reduced to around $5 per metre.

I wrapped the wadding around the frame and stapled it in a few key places.

I then draped the fabric over the wadding and went a little crazy with the staple gun. Oh, how I love my staple gun! The trick is to have the fabric tight over the edges, but not so much that it’s warping.


Bed Head Stapling


This is a better shot of the fabric. It’s thick and has a lovely texture. Perfect for a home decor project.

Bed Head Staple


Once it’s all stapled, put the bed head in place. It instantly gives the room a new look. Now all I need to do is find a blanket box or long bench for the end of the bed. Preferably one which I can cover with the same fabric.


Bed Head - Long View


This was a fun DIY project and the best part was that the bed head cost under $100.

Have you made any DIY projects / improvements to your home lately?


  1. it looks fantastic Anorina,well done.xx

  2. well done .. and now you can change it as many times as you want at minimal cost xx

  3. I've had one of these on my to do list for so long..... I am inspired by yours... it looks great...

  4. It looks amazing! I like the idea of covering a frame instead of a solid piece of wood - much more practical!

  5. Now just need to upholster the box springs to match.

  6. Looks great!! Did you know you could use a Fitted sheet to cover the box spring.. Simple and Tailored looking.


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