Crochet Love

Crochet Love by Jenny Doh features 27 sweet and simple Zakka-inspired projects.


Crochet Love


Zakka, the Japanese design style, is all about elevating the ordinary to imaginative levels that make people smile. Crochet Love is filled with projects which are simple to stitch yet absolutely adorable.

Admittedly, I am not a crocheter, yet I envy those who are. The ability to pick up a hook, couple it with some yarn, to produce something beautiful, truly amazes me. The zakka-inspired projects in this book are all about the details. Crochet a mason jar cozy, a binder duvet (see below) or even an apple sling (yes, a sling, to carry an apple).


Crochet Love - Binder Duvet


The book begins with a comprehensive ‘basics’ section. It advises which items to gather, to create a crochet kit, before beginning work on any of these projects.

Crochet abbreviations are covered along with a fantastic guide, which a beginner can follow. Steps starting right at the beginning; how to hold the hook, how to hold the yarn and wrapping yarn around fingers for good tension.

We then move onto crochet stitches, with photographs illustrating exactly tow the crochet stitches in this book are worked.

Honestly, as a pre-beginner, this is an invaluable section for me and people like me, who want to learn how to crochet, but unsure where or how to even begin.

After this basics section, we come to the projects. The projects are just so quirky and cute.


Crochet Love - Birthday Cake Bunting


Cute! Like this Birthday Cake Bunting.

Pretty Paperweights

Camera Strap Cover + Lens Cap Pouch

Lemonade Coasters + Glass Cozies

Soap Saver + Washcloth

Or these Embellished Knee-Highs. Personally, they’re not my style, so I don’t imagine myself ever wearing them, but it doesn’t mean that creating them wouldn’t be fun.


Crochet Love - Embellished Knee Highs


Crochet Love is a wonderful book with quirky zakka-inspired projects. With projects which are perfect to gift, this book would be a great addition to the home craft book library. As crafters, we always have someone we want to create handmade for. Right?

Crochet Love is available from Booktopia or CanDo Books.


ISBN: 9781454707554  /  Format: Paperback  /  Number Of Pages: 128


Crochet Love - Finger Puppet

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this books to review. All images and thoughts are my own. Any links provided are NOT affiliates.

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