Rice Therapy Eye Pillow {Week 15/52}

Welcome to week 15 of our scrap busting challenge. Can you believe it’s week 15 ALREADY? I’ve been having fun coming up with ways to use up fabric from my scrap tub and I hope you have enjoyed playing along too.

This week, I was lucky enough to receive a few new books to review. One of which is Zakka Handmades by Amy Morinaka. I’ll review it later in the week as there are still too many things inside of this gorgeous book which I want to make, before I do write about it.

One project which caught my eye in Zakka Handmades, was the Rice Therapy Eye Pillow. The one in the book is made with linen and has a gorgeous little stitchery in one corner, but as I am using scrap fabrics, I used what I had… and am very pleased with the result.

Rice Therapy Eye Pillow @ SameliasMum

Not only is the Rice Therapy Eye Pillow great for scrap busting, but with Christmas just around the corner, these little pillows would be lovely to make for friends or family. Cute little handmade additions to their Christmas parcels.

The details in the book are brilliant, with detailed fabric requirements and step by step instructions, but I’ll share my condensed “scrappy” version.

Start with pieces of fabric as per the diagram below. Mine are a little bit matchy, but if you use all different fabrics, this will turn out a whole lot more fun and scrappy looking.

Rice Therapy Eye Pillow 4

Sew the yellow strips to the top and bottom of the centre panel. Press
Sew the blue strips to either side of the block and then press again.

Rice Therapy Eye Pillow 3

Create a double fold hem on one short edge of each of the back pieces. Top stitch along the seam.
Now it’s time to lay it out and assemble.

Lay the top block right side up and then overlap the back pieces over the top with the right sides down. Makes sense? The diagram might make it a little easier to understand.

Rice Therapy Eye Pillow 2

Pin it all down and then sew around all four edges.

Clip the corners and then turn out. I use the back of a little paintbrush to push out those corners and get a lovely sharp-ish point. Press the little pillow cover and lay aside.

Now it’s time to make the insert.

Align and then sew the muslin or homespun pieces around all 4 edges, leaving a 2” gap on a short side. Pour in the dry * rice and then sew up that 2” opening. I decided to use my pinking shears and cut all around the rice bag.

* Rice : I used about 1 1/2 cups of medium grain rice - the book suggests 3/4 of a cup. I think this will all just come down to your own personal preference.

Rice Therapy Eye Pillow 1

Insert the rice pillow inside the outer pillow case and it’s ready to use.

Warm it up in the microwave (but don’t overheat it or the rice will burn) for warm therapy or place it in a ziplock bag and in the freezer for a cool therapy.

Add some lavender in with the rice for some lovely aromatherapy.

If you make a Rice Therapy Eye Pillow, please share your pictures in the 52 Week Scrap Challenge Facebook Page or if you blog about your quilt, share the URL below so we can all come and visit.

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  1. I couldn't wait to make this Anorina. I literally saw it on your blog and went to my scrap basket.... Thanks so much for another great project.


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