DIY : Make Butter

Yes, you read that title correctly.

Today, I’m going to share something a little different yet a whole lot of delicious. Butter. Creamy, bad for you, yet completely yummy, butter… and the instructions on how to make your own (should you want to).

DIY  Butter

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest one night, just before I went to sleep. Do you do that? Look at Pinterest before you go to sleep and then again first thing before getting out of bed? Honestly, what would we do without our smart phones and tablets?

Anyways, I was intrigued, but promptly forgot about it… until the other day when I was at the grocery store buying thickened cream for a potato bake.

Just above the thickened cream, I saw gorgeous little tubs of double cream with a “clearance” sticker on them. Hmmm… double cream. Other than it being a favourite of Jamie Oliver and Nigella on their cooking shows, I’d never really used it…but I had seen it used in a butter tutorial. So I popped it into my shopping basket.

When I got home, I unpacked the shopping and announced to my family that I was going to make butter.

No reaction.

Either they didn’t hear me, or didn’t really care about my butter churning visions.

Oh well, more butter for me, right?

I got my bench mixer out of the cupboard and poured the tub of double cream into the bowl. I then added a pinch of salt, though it could have done with a little more salt, but hey, it was my first venture into butter-making.

I put on my regular cake mixing paddle and started the mixer at a medium speed.

After about a minute it started to separate. The buttermilk was separating from the butter.

At this point I turned off the mixer and put the lid on the bowl, plus held a tea towel over the opening. This was getting messy.

I turned on the mixer again for another minute or 2 and it continued to beat the milk out and turning yellow. Once I had the butter consistency right, I turn off the machine. This is where some muslin would have come in handy to squeeze out the buttermilk, but I just removed the ball of butter and placed it on some paper towel to blot. After blotting as much of the buttermilk as I could, I put it into an owl dish and called the kids over.

Look kids, mum made butter.

They didn’t seem overly impressed, though they did accept the Milk Arrowroot biscuit smeared with the golden deliciousness I’d just made.

But guess what, I was impressed. Absolutely, completely, super dooper impressed with myself. I plastered images all over Facebook and Instagram. I rang my mum to tell her.

I made butter. Really!

Have you ever made butter?
If not, have you ever been inspired to make butter?
Or… anything different and unusual that you’ve seen on Pinterest just before going to sleep?

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  1. This post made me laugh (why does no one ever appreciate us moms the way we should be appreciated? Whith much adoration. And chocolate) and also brought back memories of Montessori School. We sat around a circle, singing something rhythmic, and passed a jar filled with cream (and closed tightly!) around the circle. Each child would shake shake shake the jar to the rhythm of the song, pass it along, and after about 14 hours we had butter! Okay, it didn't reallly take 14 hours, I just remember it that way. Best butter I have ever eaten. I bet yours was, too! I am impressed with you!

    1. Thank you! At least someone, other than my mother was impressed ;-)
      My nephew goes to a Montessori school. I'll ask him if they've done the butter experiment.

  2. That's amazing. Well done Anorina! I've yet to be as amazing, but you've been inspirational... I'm going to keep my eye out for marked down double cream when I grocery shop tomorrow :)

    1. Thank you. If you have a go at making butter, I'd love to hear how you went.

  3. I LOVE butter. So yummy and there really is no substitute! Fresh toast with butter and vegemite - divine!

  4. I was whipping cream for scones once, got distracted, and yep, you guessed it! No salt so it was not really edible but hey, I've done it -- albeit accidentally! I remember asking DD one year what she wanted for her birthday celebration; her answer: crusty bread, strawberry jam and "real butter"!

    1. Perfect combination - crunchy bread with ham and butter. Or scones. Yum! I want scones now ;-)

  5. I'm an early childhood educator and one morning during circle time I passed a baby food jar filled with whipping cream around and everybody got a turn to shake it and we had butter with crackers later for snack.

    1. Oh yay! Fantastic! I'll bet the kids thought that butter was the best, ever!

  6. We use butter and yes I have made it before. It's a whole lot healthier than a lot of so called 'healthy' margarines with all their chemicals and preservatives etc. Just have to have butter in moderation that's all.
    Was going through my old recipe books the other day and found a recipe to turn 1/2 lb butter into 1 lb. It had milk,gelatine and powdered milk. I have beaten olive oil into it to soften and make it go further.

    1. I'll bet it was easy to spread, straight from the fridge. I'll try adding some olive oil next time I make it. Thanks for the tip.

    2. My Grandma used to whip gelatine into butter to make it go further and also so it would hold its shape in the summer. She never had to put it in the fridge.


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