Fabric Covered Jars {Week 3/52}

This week, I’m sharing a fun scrap project which anyone, and I mean ANYONE can do – kids included.

We all have empty jars at home. Pasta sauce jars, peanut butter jars, pickle jars… so why not remove the labels and use some scrap fabrics to pretty them up a little?

Introducing this weeks scrap busting project – Fabric Covered Jars.

Fabric Covered Jars

Start with some fabric scraps, white glue, a paint brush and clean (obviously empty) glass jars.
These fabric covered jars were a fun way to spend some bonding time with my son – who was genuinely very interested in helping.

The colourful jar was made up of a long strip of 1” wide fabric. I sewed scraps together to make a long strip and began gluing from the bottom of the jar. I painted the glue onto the glass and then just went around and around, adding more glue to the glass as well as coating the outside of the fabric.

Scrap Fabric Glass Jar Decoupage 2

The white glue dries clear so add as much glue as needed to secure the fabric to the glass.

The tall jar was a jar of tomato passata. It’s now covered in little black and white triangle scraps. Teeny tiny scraps which were destined for the garbage bin but which made the cutest covered jar. It’s my favourite one.

Scrap Fabric Glass Jar Decoupage 3

As it’s white (school) glue, it’s not a water resistant cover, so be sure to keep it away from water… or use your newly covered jars for items which don’t need water. Like your collections of scissors or knitting needles or pens. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

Scrap Fabric Glass Jar Project

If you make some fabric covered jars, we’d love to see them. If you blog about them, leave your URL in the linky below. Or feel free to share your pictures in the 52 Week Scrap Challenge Facebook Page or Samelia’s Mum Facebook Page.

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  1. I think to make this fabric jar how much of adhesive used and how to choose right super glue for fabric.

  2. I think to make this fabric jar how much of adhesive used and how to choose right super glue for fabric.

  3. I love this, a beautiful way to recycle jars! And so cheerful!

  4. I love this idea. They make a cute display for plants.


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