Figos Cheios - otherwise known as Filled Figs {RECIPE}

Figos Cheios are a Portuguese treat that I have known and enjoyed my whole life. Roughly translated, it means Filled Figs.

Figos Cheios - Fig Recipe

My grandmother used to make them every week. She was of the opinion that she only needed to turn on the oven once a week, so this was when she would bake bread, make figs and roast sweet potatoes.

I was visiting my parents on Saturday and mum had all of the ingredients out to make figos cheios – so I helped stuff the dried figs with all of the yummy ingredients and took photos as I went along. Once a blogger, always a blogger, right?

To make Figos Cheios, you need:

Figos Cheios - Ingredients


Dried Figs
A little bowl with a spice mix of cinnamon, caster sugar and aniseed


Start by manipulating the dried fig to soften it up again. They tend to get very squished up in the fig-wheels you buy at the grocery store.
With a sharp knife, make a small incision along one side and pour in a pinch of the spice mix.
Stuff in 4 or 5 almonds and then attempt close the fig up again and make it nice and round.
Place on a baking tray and toast them lightly on a medium heat.

Eat them warm or store in an air tight container. They should last a few days though I warn you, they’re very more-ish so they may not last the week.


  1. Wow! These are looking so delicious How can I get them all?

    In Villas Veritas

  2. I love them too. Besides, I'm Portuguese and have family in Algarve where they grow and dry lots of figs.

  3. What a wonderful sounding snack attack! ( and a way to stay regular lol)
    I love figs must admit.
    One Christmas our stitchy club had them as one of the puddings for our group meal and theyd been soaked in cinnamon, sugar and an alcohol, (may have been brandy I think)..........must get the recipe, gosh they were tasty too!

    1. Sounds positively delicious! Yes youust get the recipe ;-)


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