STITCHING: To My Other Mother {Tutorial + Pattern}

Last year, I made this stitchery and gave it to my mother in law, for mothers day. You can read more about it here.

To My Other Mother - Wall Hanging

It’s a lovely poem which I found online one afternoon. I don’t know who the poet is, so if anyone does, please let me know so that I can credit them.

Now, I think my MIL was/is pleased with her gift. It hangs in her dining room near her array of Richmond Tigers memorabilia (she is a one of the Tigers BIGGEST fans).

I received great feedback on this project and a lot of emails from readers, so I thought that with Mothers Day on the approach, I would share the pattern. 

When printing, please ensure that the page layout is set to landscape.

The poem will have printed on 2 pages. I trimmed the pages and taped them together so that they paragraphs and lines were even.

You will need a piece of fabric large enough to cover the 2 page printout.

If you have a light box, now is the time to get it out, as it’s much easier to see the words which you need to trace.

Trace the words onto the background stitching fabric with a water erasable blue marker (or whatever colour marker you have – just so long as it’s erasable). 

With a hot iron, adhere some low-loft fusible Pellon or Parlan (or other soft fleece fusible stabiliser).

Place your stitchery in your hoop (or not, it’s up to you) and begin stitching.

As a general rule, I use 2 strands of floss. In this project, I used back stitch and French knots for any dots.

Once the stitchery is complete, spritz it with water to remove any sign of the blue marker and let it dry. Sometimes you need to spritz a couple of times to ensure all of the blue gone.

I bordered my stitchery in 2.5” squares, in colours which I thought that my mother in law would like (plus I had the perfect mini charm pack, ready and waiting).

If you prefer, you can just border it in 2.5” strips or a couple of borders in different widths. They would be a fun finish too.


Please let me know if you decide to make the “Other Mother” stitched wall hanging and of course I’d love to see some photos.

Mothers Day is only 9 days away – Time to get stitching!

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What would you like to receive this Mother's Day?


  1. I won't make it (I don't have time to get it done) but I'd love to give MIL the poem!

    1. Perhaps print it up smaller (or in the shape of a bookmark) and include it in a card. I'm sure it will make her smile :)

  2. What a lovely poem. You are a lucky lady to have a wonderful husband and MIL. Thanks for the pattern. I'll link to you next time I post.

  3. I made one for my mother in law and gave it to her for Christmas last year. She loved it. I showed it to someone while I was stitching it and she got all teary about the poem so I figured I was on the right track! There's a photo on this blog post:

    As for what I'd like to receive for Mother's Day? Beautiful fabric or money to spend on some beautiful fabric! But I'll settle for a nice relaxing brekkie in bed with a book!

    1. Your wall hanging is absolutely lovely Sue! I love how you bordered it... and a few tears in response to this poem are lovely, aren't they?

  4. Such a beautiful poem - thank you for sharing.

  5. LOve it

    Mother-in-law Love

  6. What a beautiful idea. Many Mother N Laws are often forgotten and this says it all!

    1. Thank you! Yes I hope this will bring a few smiles to MIL's faces around the world :)

  7. beautiful poem et très beau patchwork, "many thanks for the other mother", bonne soirée.

  8. I really like this, but there's no way in hell I'd make one for my m-i-l. I made her and my f-i-l some crocheted sweaters years ago, and they never even wore them. I swore I'd never make them anything handcrafted again.
    I did re-write this poem, and I'm going to make it for my new daughter-in-law.She's worth it. Last paragraph is optional (she's pregnant with our first grandchild, and our last name is Bird!)
    Here's the re-write:

    You are the other Daughter we received
    The day you wed our son.
    We want to thank you dearly
    For loving our number one!

    You’ve taken him into your heart,
    And now you share his life,
    We feel so lucky to have both of you
    A wonderful son and wife.

    We used to give him hugs and kisses
    And hold his little hand.
    We raised in love a little boy,
    Now you have the man.

    And now you’re starting a family,
    We’re so excited to see
    That the bird’s nest you have created,
    Will now be carrying three!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      What an absolutely beautiful poem! If I received this from my MIL, I’d be very pleased indeed (and no doubt the would be tears).
      Thank you for sharing the poem with us, and we’d love to see your finished project. Here’s to an easy pregnancy for your D.I.L.
      A x

    2. I finished it and gave it to her this past weekend! I think they really liked it!

  9. Anorina this brought me to tears. SO beautiful. My MIL birthday is Australia Day, I should have time to stitch this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I hope she loves it as much as I do!!


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