Quilt Showcase

I’ve received some lovely emails and messages recently, from people who have made projects with some of my Samelia’s Mum tutorials and patterns.

This quilt is by Sue B using my Fresh Diamonds pattern and some beautiful Marmalade fabric.


Fresh Diamonds Patter by Sue B


Piece O’Cake (1 + 2) Layer Cake Quilt – this has been my most popular pattern by far.


1   2 Quilt by Sarah J

By Sarah J



1   2 Quilt by Carol L

By Carol L


1   2 Quilt by Waverlee

By Waverlee


Starflower Block is one of my all time favourites. The starflower quilt I made with this block, is currently on my bed.

Here is a beautiful StarFlower block by Anne H.

StarFlower by Anne H


Sue M use my Applique a Name technique to make these gorgeous library bags for her preschool. Aren’t they just the brightest and happiest bags ever?


Applique Name Library Bag by Sue M


If you’ve made something with a Samelia’s Mum tutorial or pattern, send me a photo. I’d love to see and share your project pictures.


  1. Oh I haven't but I do like that first quilt....

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Marmalade diamonds on your blog, I love this quilt I can see why you could not bear to part with it.

  3. I think I really need to give quilting a try. Everywhere I look at the moment I'm seeing gorgeous quilts. I'd love to make some homely quilts for the kids' beds! Might have to chat to you about where the heck to start though!! Fi xx


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