My Creative Space - Boho Edition

It's day 4 of the autumn school holidays and I decree it a pajama day... well a pajama morning anyways. We were supposed to be heading to Melbourne for AQC, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Instead we'll be visiting grandparents later... oh and perhaps some shopping at Target. Have you seen the new catalogue? So much gorgeousness!

My husband left for work, before the sun came up this morning. He is jetting to North Queensland as I type this. After being ill for a week, he was itching to get back into the sky.

The kids are happily colouring in pictures of army soldiers and Barbie, while watching My Little Pony.

My 7 year old son is a boys, boy. Testosterone filled and into playing soldier, army, shooting and noisy explosive games. He is totally gross most of the time and if he gets an "Urgh" or a "Yuck" from his sister or me, he's succeeded in his mission.

Yet in saying this, he's happy to sit and watch My Little Pony to appease his little sister. He hates to hear her whinge or whine so gives in - way too quickly.

He'll make a good husband one day. He likes to keep the female in his life happy.

Me? I'm playing with fabric today. Boho by Urban Chiks to be precise. I've had a layer cake for a while and have finally cut into it.

I started this quilt last night and its going to be enormous. If it all goes according to my plans and pattern (I've been playing with EQ7) it will finish up at 90" square. With winter on the way, big quilts to snuggle, are an absolute joy.

What's happening in your creative space today?

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