Modern Blocks {Review}

99 Modern Quilt Blocks from your favourite designers
Compiled by Susanne Woods

I love quilt books. My quilt book library is an ever growing resource which I often go to, when I’m in need of inspiration.

For the longest time, I wanted a copy of Modern Blocks - which I finally purchased (I love the free postage that Book Depository offers). I figure that with Mothers Day on the way, one of the kids could give this to me as a gift.


Modern Blocks is a book of quilt blocks. Some of the blocks are very simple, but to me, they’re just the starting point. They are the first step in the direction the blocks or quilt could take. Endless possibilities.

Each block is beautifully photographed and appears on the left hand page. On the right hand page is where we find the supply requirements along with detailed instructions to assist in the block construction.

Many of the blocks also include step by step images which are a fantastic resource for visual learners (like me).

Pieced blocks, applique blocks, embroidery on blocks - they're all featured.

All in all, I think Modern Blocks is fantastic resource and a welcome addition to my quilt book library.

Do you have a quilt book library?

Which quilt books do you have, love, and recommend?


  1. I am so starting a library of books on appliqué, quilting, stitchery, wool appliqué etc. I love books. This year is my year for buying books and patterns. A nice hard copy of basic blocks sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the review.

  2. My names Tracee & I'm a bookaholic! I also love the Book Depository. I have lots of books on stitchery, knitting & small craft items. I need to build up more on blocks and piecing so I build up my skills in that area. Oh what a hardship! xx

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by on my blog recently and leaving me some love. Curious to learn more about you and glad I did because I love what I found. I love a craft loaded blog. Although quilting is something I never really go into. Would love for you to visit again sometime! Have a great week :)

    Ilda - your newest follower

  4. I dream about getting more crafty and making my girls beautiful quilts to keep all their lives. I'll probably just keep dreaming - but aren't they just beautiful.

  5. I have a very small quilt library and that book has been amongst the others for a while now. I use them for inspiration but have never followed one. My favourite is "Out of the Box" by Mary Lou Weidman -- it is so different. I also have the e-book version of "quilted Memories", her book which is now out of print!


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