Bosch GOP300SCE Professional Multi-Tool {Review}

When the opportunity arose to test out the new Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool I must admit that I didn’t do cartwheels across the house – hubby was busy doing the cartwheeling. He loves power tools and playing in the shed, so I thought I could earn myself some brownie points.

When the delivery man handed over the parcel, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas. The first thing he checked out was the number of accessories that came with the Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool : tools for cutting, sanding and grinding.


Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool

Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool – GOP 300 SCE (Professional Model)


Well, I soon reminded him of the shelf I had asked him to make for my coffee cups (when we moved in four months ago).

Space in our little house is limited, so I’ve tried to create as much storage space as possible, with what there is available. The kitchen cupboards have 1 shelf with huge space in between (which I think was a bit of a waste), so I wanted an extra shelf in there to store cups and mugs.

To my surprise instead of running off to be alone in the shed he asked me to come and give it a test run. My first thought was, really? Do I have to?

So what is a Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool?

Basically it is a tool that moves a blade very rapidly over a short distance. This lets it cut, or sand or grind. I have seen hubby changing blades and things on other tools and muttering under his breath as he does. The Bosch has a quick easy tool-less change system – just move the lever out to remove and push back in to lock on the new blade.




In a short time he had a cutting disc on the tool and I was ready to follow the line he had marked out for me to cut. I was expecting a lot of noise and vibration from the tool but there was none.

I found it easy to hold and no vibration even when he showed me how to change the speed (8000 OPM to 20 000 OPM). Once I had cut out the wood we changed from a cutting saw to a sander and again it was so quick. I sanded the shelf and it was off to install it.

The tool which we received for review is a Bosch Professional tool, however there are several other similar tools, made by Bosch - to suit the weekend handy man through to the professional tradesperson.

It’s a tool that covers the need for multiple tools. There is little vibration and it’s not too noisy. This model is aimed at the professional tradesperson with a RRP of $350, however there are more basic models starting at around $150 for the weekend handy man or DIYer.




Most importantly, I have much more room to store my pretty coffee cups.

My newest coffee mug addition is this pink Vespa one. It’s the perfect size to make the 3 minute chocolate MUG cake. If you’re ever having a chocolate cake craving, this recipe is THE best!






Disclaimer: I received a Bosch COP 300 SCE Professional to review and keep. All opinions are my own, or of my family.

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