Hand Quilting the Purple Haze {Project}

I’m working on a secret squirrel project. It will be a wedding gift – for the happy couple who will exchange their vows in under a month. Once I give it to them, I’ll share more images and perhaps even the project as a tutorial.

I’ve been madly stitching and if you follow SameliaMum on IG, you may have seen some more detailed images – but as I’m not sure if the wedding couple read my blog, I won’t share all of the images here today.

Instead, I am sharing some shots of the hand quilting I’m doing. I absolutely adore hand-quilting. I find it so therapeutic to just sit with my sewing, letting my mind wander. I’m using both purple and lilac DMC Perle 8 cotton which is just lovely to work with.


Purple Haze 2


For a fabulous tutorial on hand quilting, have a look at this video by Sarah Fielke for Craftsy. She makes it look very easy. I have been hand-quilting for about a year now, and I’m getting better at it… slowly… but Sarah is THE champion.



I bought this fabric from Spotlight, when I was in Geelong last week… it was on the Clearance table for about $5 per metre and I am in love. It is just so pretty. Looking back on it now, I wish I had bought more, but on that day I bought a whole roll of premium cotton batting, so was a tad concerned with how much the Mastercard bill would come to.


Purple Haze


So now that I am back home, I’ll pop into my local Spotlight store to see if I can get my hands on some more of this gorgeous print.

Do you hand quilt?

And most importantly, do you enjoy it?


  1. I don't hand quilt. YET. It is on my list of things to learn, though. I just learned how to make HSTs and pinwheels and the disappearing 9 patch. There are so many quilt-y things to learn and not enough time to learn them!

    I love how you hand quilted the piece in your photo! It's fun and looks like it really enhances the fabric design.

  2. I love hand quilting! I also find it very relaxing! Looks like a great Spotlight find too!

  3. I've not tried hand quilting yet but it's on my list of things to learn this year!

  4. It looks great. I used to hand quilt but I have a longarm now so that doesnt happen any more. I do have a quilt that I might add a bit of hand quilting to once I have machine quilted it...

  5. I don't hand quilt but yours looks fabulous

  6. That looks beautiful... I love how you are highlighting the flowers with the hand quilting... I have only done a little hand quilting on small things...

  7. Yes I do but I've haven't done much with pearl cotton thou. Yours looks beautiful.

  8. I hand quilt, but mostly machine quilt with a mid-arm on a frame. Hand quilting is great for when I'm watching tv, don't have to go to my studio

  9. I hand quilt and absolutely love it! In fact, I am taking a break from hand quilting right now to read blogs, but I've been at it for the past couple of hours.

    1. People wonder why hand quilting is addictive. I think it’s because we get to sit and let our minds wander, whilst creating something special.

      Have a lovely afternoon x


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