Quilting… Swooning…

I finished a quilt. Yes, really. A week of no blogging will do that.

I dusted off my machine and finished a quilt… AND it was such a lovely pleasure.


Swoon Quilt


It’s a simple quilt design, but the fabric is so bright and busy, that it just works.

I bought this 8 x FQ bundle of Swoon by Melissa Averinos last year and for the longest time it sat on my fabric stash shelf and I just looked at it. Inspiration on how to use it, was lacking, so I just left it…

When we moved, this bundle somehow didn’t make it in with the rest of my fabric stash, so when I had the urge to sew, using it was a given.


Swoon 4


The blocks are made up by cutting the FQ’s into 18” squares and then cutting the squares diagonally to make HST’s.

Randomly sew them back together and end up with 8 very large blocks.

With the remaining strips of fabric (from the FQ’s) I made some EPP hexagons and laid them out on a coordinating solid fabric (cream).

I was going to just make regular hexie flowers but in the end decided on this large snowflake.


Swoon 2


The hexagon flowers were all stitched together and then appliqued onto the background fabric.

The backing fabric is quite un-appealing, so I won’t show you that, but it was very cheap at Spotlight.

I loaded it all on my frame and quilted it with this loopy pattern.

The quilting took about 2 hours in total (with a stop in the middle to put the kids into the bath and bed).

I bound the quilt in a blue solid fabric which I think worked with some of the blue in the prints.


Swoon 3


All in all, I’m very pleased with the result.

Here’s to the return of my sewing mojo. I’ve missed it.


  1. This is the perfect quilt to show that a simple design can work really well with the right fabric. I think your quilt is great and I like the way you used the hexies to create a feature centre block. Love it!

  2. Thanks so much Karen. I wasn't sure about the fabric, but now that it's all together in a quilt, I love it.

  3. Beautiful! The quilting is lovely - I think it is so perfect for the fabrics ( which I love by the way!) and the quilt design. What frame do you have?

  4. just gorgeous Anorina.xx

  5. Really great quilt. Glad your mojo has returned.

  6. LOVE THIS! How do you easily and accurately cut squares that large? I've done it, but it certainly wasn't easy. I think my largest ruler is 15" square. I'm wondering if I should buy a piece of plastic and make a 20" square? Your quilt is gorgeous!

  7. I love this quilt, well done its lovely!


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