Gingerbread House – Circa 2012

Christmas is near which means that it’s time to make my Gingerbread House.

In previous years, I’ve attended Gingerbread House building evenings, with a group of women at a local church hall.

It’s always been a lot of fun to sit with a big group of people, working away, gossiping, drinking tea… you know… but this year I thought I’d be adventurous and buy a kit at my local supermarket and have my little helpers… help.


Gingerbread House Kit


The kit is imported from Canada, which should have been a warning that this gingerbread had travelled a long way.

To our dismay, we opened it and the house front and back were both cracked.


Gingerbread House Kit 1


With a little creative concreting, we put the house together… with a lot of icing.


Gingerbread House Kit 2


And then we went hard with the supplied lollies. There was a bit of the icing left over, and I contemplated adding more sweets, but figured it might be a little bit top heavy and my reinforced walls wouldn’t hold, so we stopped while we were ahead.

A bit wonky and a bit messy – but totally ours.


Gingerbread House Kit 3


Do you make a gingerbread house during the festive season?

What special tips do you have for the “all important” decorating?


  1. Oh boo on the gingerbread being cracked...but honestly, I think it makes it look more homemade than store-bought and that's what you want to achieve. ;)

  2. We built our first gingerbread house (this year) at a church! it was baked locally. W,, DD, Older Grandson and. I all had some time working on it, Younger Grandson just enjoyed looking around!

    Despite its defects, yours turned out well. Enjoy!

  3. Looks better than most Selleys jobs I have seen. Maybe you should become a house repairer. But then again, if you did I would miss all the gorgeous creations you share.
    Love the house but love your quilts and other crafting more!!


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