Entertaining This Summer, Pest-Free {Giveaway}

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Summer is upon us, and one of my favourite things of the season has got to be eating our family meals or entertaining friends, out under the pergola.

I don’t know what it is about eating outside but it is so much more relaxed than sitting inside, at the dining room table.

When we’re outdoors, we tend to linger longer. Chat more. Relax.

Many friends and family have been entertained and much food has been consumed in this outdoor area.


But even though entertaining outdoors is fantastic, it also has a downside. Bugs. Flies. Mosquitoes. Urgh!

As the sun goes down, the mosquitoes come out to cause havoc with our exposed bits (ie legs, ankles, arms etc). We used to burn citronella candles, but they’re not very effective (unless you’re sitting with the burner right beside you).

Mortein have a new and effective way to keep outdoor entertaining areas protected from flies and mosquitoes. Mortein NaturGard Outdoor is a system which releases regular bursts of mist containing plant based active ingredients and allows you to regulate the timing depending on your conditions.


I was sent a Mortein NaturGard Outdoor Automatic Insect Control System to try out here at home, but as we were away this weekend, we decided to take it with us and to use at our cabin at the lake.

As you know, bugs and mosquitoes love it near the water but we found that we could keep them at bay, enjoy our family time and eat dinner out on our terrace even after the sun went down.

Some information about the Mortein Outdoor System:

· Protects a sheltered outdoor area of 25 m²
· 2 Adjustable settings to tailor to your outdoor environment
· On-Off switch
· Automatic 3 hour cut off
· Each refill lasts for up to 30 hours
· Portable
· Plant based active ingredients
Giveaway Time
With thanks to Mortein and Nuffnang, I have five (5) Mortein NaturGard Outdoor Automatic Insect Control Systems to give away.

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  1. Anorina, where do you put it? Does it sit under the table, or up high?

  2. I never get bitten by mozzies but one of these would be great for the rest of the family...no more constant flinching and slapping themselves :)

  3. ty love the sound of this

  4. A dream come true! The best time of year but sadly it brings all the creepy crawlies out!

  5. with summer comes bugs bugs bugs


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