Christmas Gift Tags {Tutorial}

Handmade Christmas gift tags. So simple to make.

Christmas Paint-Chip Gift Card 4


I came across this idea for gift tags on Pinterest (as you do). Most great ideas come from Pinterest, don’t they?

The other day, husband was dragging us around Bunnings – Amelia and I were just the teensiest bit bored, so we ducked over to the paint section and helped ourselves to some of those FREE paint chip cards. And by some, I mean a handful. Each!


Handmade Christmas Gift Tags

Start with some green paint-chip cards… though at this time of year, the green may be hard to find.


Christmas Paint-Chip Gift Card


Flip them to the back and find the centre (ish). Make a mark. A dot will do. I went a bit overboard with my fuchsia sharpie.

Cut from the bottom corner up to the central mark. Repeat for the other side.


Christmas Paint-Chip Gift Card 2


I used my rotary cutter, but scissors are fine.

Make as many as required for gift giving (or as many paint-chip cards you managed to get). Punch a hole in the top of the Christmas tree point.


Christmas Paint-Chip Gift Card 3


Write your message on the coloured side of the tag.

Attach to your gift with some pretty red and white twine.

And there you have some fun, handmade, FREE, gift tags.


Christmas Paint-Chip Gift Card 1


These are the only 2 gifts I have wrapped so far… I am under-prepared.

How are your Christmas preparations going?


  1. I am away from home staying with my mum who had a cataract operation this morning. The puddings and gingerbread house are done, some gifts have been bought, and I haven't bought Christmas cards! So, I'd say I'm under-prepared!

  2. great idea! i have lots of these lying around! :)

  3. Creative and simple, just the way we like our Christmas! x

  4. Love it, simple, pretty and good re-using.


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