Candle Decorating in my Creative Space

I was in Sydney on Tuesday for an event (which I’ll tell you more about soon).

Luckily for us (or should I say, me), we drive past the big Ikea Tempe store on our way home. Obviously we cannot be that close to Ikea and not stop in for a visit. Right?

I picked up a few things, as you do, and as I was headed to the checkout, when I came upon the Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, cards and fun sticky-tapes, which I couldn’t resist.

Rather than use them on gifts I thought I’d be a little bit creative with them.


Candle Decorating 2


I had some pillar candles in my trolley already, so decided they needed a little bit of extra prettiness.


Candle Decorating


Candle Decorating 1


To decorate some simple and plain looking candles, just wrap a few rows of fun festive sticky tape.

The tape doesn’t stick to the candle wax very well, but it will stick to itself when you get back around.


Candle Decorating 3


I think they look fun and if I get anywhere near burning this candle close the the tape, it can be removed easily.


Have you finished decorating for the festive season?


I keep thinking that I have… but I’m sure I still have a few more fun decorations up my sleeve.


  1. I have never been to an IKEA store, but I hear a lot of great things about them. Great idea for the candles.

  2. WM put the outside lights up at the beginning of December but the curtains and windows are only just in the process of being washed and the decorations inside can then go up. The tree will go up on Saturday.

  3. How pretty! What a quick and easy little personal decoration love it.

  4. Love Ikea's Christmas range this year! Your candle looks very festive. We are often making new decorations up to Christmas Eve.


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