What do Nose Wax and Cake Pops have in common?

On Friday, I attended my 4th Bloggers Brunch, hosted by Christie Nicholas and her team at Kids Business. Bloggers Brunch events are a tonne of fun and when that invitation appears in my inbox I know that I can look forward to a fun day day my blogging friends from around the country.

Australian Bloggers spend a lot of time talking to each other - through their blogs and via blog comments and discussions. But also (and probably more importantly), via their favourite social media channels (ie Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… etc).

Events such as the Kids Business Blogger Brunch are when bloggers travel from near and far to get together and catch up in person… even if only for a few hours.

Kids Business Blogger Brunch sameliasmum.com

Not only is it a get-together for the Bloggers, it’s an interactive event where a group of brands are also invited along, to not only sponsor, but to engage and and educate bloggers, personally, about their products or new upcoming ranges.

These are brands who see the benefits of working with parenting and lifestyle bloggers and are keen to get involved in this new world of online (word of mouth) marketing.



This was the first stand I went to visit. That enormous blue diamond ring captured my attention straight off the bat.

Bevilles Blogger Brunch sameliasmum.com

Bevilles were showcasing to their new range of personalised jewellery. Name chains starting at $29.99 are a great gift idea for someone like me, who has a very, VERY unusual name.

Personal jewellery can be ordered online and orders over $50 include free delivery. I have my eye on this necklace with 2 pendants where I would have each of my children’s names. I may just have to add this to my Christmas list.


Spotlight and Rust Oleum

Spotlight was the major event sponsor. You know me and my love for Spotlight! It is my absolute favourite store to get my crafty supplies.

Spotlight had a hands on display where we made our own cards. I’m not a scrap booker and the concept of making a card by gluing bits of pretty card and paper and stickers was all new to me. I’m one of these people who keep Hallmark in business :)

I have to admit it was fun and I ended up making a pretty card to give to my friend Beck who was looking after my kids after school pickup while I was at the event.

The Spotlight goody bag included these great products for the kids to get crafty and creative, which can all be found at local Spotlights stores.

Spotlight Rust Oleum BB sameliasmum.com

Rust Oleum is a brand that I’d never actually heard of. Rust Oleum produce protective paints and coatings for both home and industry. Perfect for trades people but also easy enough for DIY at home.

My parents are currently renovating their kitchen and dining rooms. They’ve been trying to decide whether to get a whole new kitchen, or renovate what they have (which is perfectly fine, just dated). I saw the kits at the stand, and spoke with the representative about their kitchen transformations.

For under $500 you can get transform an out-dated, worn or damaged kitchen – in just one weekend! This includes their special paint for the countertop and the kitchen cupboards.

Worth some serious consideration if your kitchen is in need of freshening up.



Dyson showed us their new slimline rechargeable vacuum cleaner. It’s light weight and great for quick clean ups (ie under the table after the kids have had lunch).

The Dyson goody bag included a toy Dyson ball vacuum. Seriously cool! Both of my children have been arguing over who gets to keep it, but I think I may just give this one to my nephew for Christmas and let the kids use my real, life sized Dyson to clean the floor.


Dyson sameliasmum.com



Philadelphia fed us at the brunch. Chicken with creamy tomato & Italian herb pasta (made with Philly Cream for Pasta), Chicken Thai green curry (made with Philly Cream for Curry), Vanilla cupcakes with Philly frosting, and carrot and walnut cake with Philly frosting.

It was all soooo yummy and we got to bring home some of the Philadelphia range, plus a cookbook including 75 recipes for lovers of Cadbury chocolate. YUM!

Did you know that PHILADELPHIA Frosting Made with CADBURY Chocolate and PHILADELPHIA Frosting Cream Cheese with a hint of lemon flavour are available in your local supermarket? You’re welcome!

Philadelphia BB sameliasmum.com

Purchase any 3 Philly products from Coles supermarkets to receive this cook book for free.

I have the Philly packs tucked away in the back of my refrigerator. I can’t wait to try the Thai Green Curry recipe which is available on the Philly website, but it will have to wait until hubby is home as the kids won’t try anything which is even remotely spicy.



I absolutely adore this company. Kambrook were represented at the last Bloggers Brunch and were there again last week. Kambrook have been synonymous with affordable, quality appliances that incorporate far more features than you would expect of the price.

We got to look at the new Speed Serve. It slices and grates and even makes mash potato. We got a demonstration of how quickly a block of cheese could be grated. Amelia would have had a field day with all of that cheese.

Kambrook BB sameliasmum.com

The goody bag from Kambrook was very generous. We had the choice of an ice-cream maker or a cake pop maker. I chose the ice-cream maker as it will be a fun activity the kids can do over the summer.

Kambrook have a great competition on their Little Chefs website right now. Click on over and enter to win some great prizes: http://www.kambrooklittlechefs.com/home-au


Nad’s and Nad’s Laser Clinic

Nad’s are the hair removal experts and they continue to develop a wide range of innovative products for both men and women. 

On its 20th anniversary Nad’s launched the Nose Wax; the complete beauty product for your nose, inside and out. 

When I saw the nose wax, I assumed it was to was the top of the nose, but no. It is to remove the hair on the inside. OUCH!!!

One of the guys from Rust Oleum was brave and sat down to have his nose hairs removed. Double Ouch!!

Nad’s gave us all a pack of Nose Wax to bring home. Hubby is away on a work trip right now, but due home later this week. Just wait until he sees the surprise I have in store for him *insert evil cackle here*.

Nads Bloggers Brunch sameliasmum.com

As well as the products pictured above, Nad’s also gave us a $50 voucher to visit one of their laser clinic’s. I don’t have a Nad’s laser clinic anywhere near where I live, so I am giving this voucher away. The voucher is valid to use until the end of January 2013, so if you’d like it, just leave a comment on this post or on the Samelia’s Mum Facebook Page and I’ll choose a random winner later this week.


A big thank you to Christie and Kids Business. It was a truly fun and fabulous event. If you are an Australian parenting or lifestyle blogger, why not register your interest with Kids Business? Who knows, I may see you, at the next event.




Lynne said...

Sounds like an interesting day out! Does my blog qualify?

Christie from Kids Business said...

So great to read your thoughts on the day! Thanks again for coming Anorina and can't wait to see the pics when you give hubby his surprise Nose Wax - and Philly Curry of course!

Anonymous said...

wow what a fun day.xx

Me N my Monkeys said...

Great post! I loved the personalized jewellery by #bevilles

Tania @ Kambrook said...

Great summary of the day:) So glad you enjoyed it...