Christmas Hair Ties {Tutorial}

Amelia loves pretty things. Jewellery, hair accessories, bags – whatever. If it’s pretty, shiny, blingy, she wants it.

We decided that we needed to make some pretty Christmas Hair Ties, so that she could wear them to preschool and get into the Christmas Spirit – early.

Festive Hair Ties 3 sameliasmum

Our Festive Hair Ties are very easy to make and inexpensive.

Festive Hair Ties 1 sameliasmum

The left over ribbon can be used for Christmas decorations, gifts or to make more pretty Festive Hair Ties to give to her friends.

Festive Hair Ties 2 sameliasmum

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  1. Too cute. If you added curly ribbon these would be just like the really expensive ones I have seen in the stores.
    Love the idea of these as gifts.

  2. They are so cute! They really would make great gifts for all of Eme's little friends. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I made some of these last year and they went down a treat with Miss Moo and one of her cousins. I also added some little bells to a few of the ribbons as well, so whenever they moved their head they tinkled. Mind you these were for out and about - not school or church etc.

  4. These look lovely. Will be adding them to my project list!! Thanks :)

  5. So simple yet very cute. I might even give these a go!

  6. Super cute, super easy and perfect for all the upcoming Christmas functions!! Yey!


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