Christmas Birdie Ornament {Tutorial}

Christmas Birdie Ornament 4

We don’t plan on doing much decorating at our house this year. All of our Christmas decorations, tree and ornaments are in storage until we move to the new house, so rather than spend a lot of money on more items, I thought we could make some ornaments.

I’ve had this festive red/white print fabric on my sewing table for a few weeks, and finally decided on this little project.

Here is the tutorial for my Christmas Birdie Ornament

Christmas Birdie Ornament 1

1. As you may use the template a few times, draw or transfer the basic bird design onto some cardboard (old cereal boxes are perfect).

2. Place two pieces of fabric together with both of the right sides facing outwards. Use a pencil and trace around the cut-out design.

3. Turn the cut-outs so that the right sides are now facing eachother. Place some ribbon in between with the ends poking out (which will be sewn into the seam).

4. Use a 1/4” foot and sew along the raw edge, leaving a 2” opening. I found it best to begin at the bottom of the bird along the straight part.

Christmas Birdie Ornament 2

5. Make a few little snips along all of the curved sections being careful not to cut to far into the stitches. Trim the the excess at the beak and tail for sharper corners when turned out.

6. Turn out the bird and use a turning tool or a knitting needle to ensure the beak and tail are properly turned out. Press.

7. Stuff with poly-fill

8. Slip stitch the opening closed with thread of the same colour.

Christmas Birdie Ornament 3

Use it as an ornament for your Christmas decorating… or do as I did and use it as a festive pincushion.

Christmas Birdie PinCushion

I believe you can never have too much festive cuteness around your work space.



  1. So simple and sweet! Just right for this time of year! Very nice as cheery pincushion, too!

  2. Thank you so much, such a sweet little bird.

  3. Saw this on Pinterest. Too cute!

  4. Cute! I need to work out how to attach a pin cushion to my Janome!

  5. That's perfect Christmas fabric for the sweet little birdie!

    1. Yes it’s lovely fabric. I only used a tiny bit of it, so I may just need to make some more birdies with it :)

  6. So sweet - thank you for this tutorial!

  7. Oh, that is just too cute! We are in the same boat with everything being in storage :( I've even packed away all my Christmas papers and scrap booking tools so last night when I made a thank you plates of sweets for someone, I couldn't even decorate it properly. Hope your house is coming along nicely xx

  8. Hi Anorina,
    I'm about two years behind times, and just discovering this tutorial. I wonder if you have a template for the bird, or do we just have to make do with the photo? It's so cute, and I'll bet my sewing group would like festive bird pincushions for Christmas!
    Many thanks!


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