Vintage Pancakes goes Loopy

My Vintage Pancakes quilt has been quilted... on my new quilting frame.

Thank goodness hubby was paying attention and remembered how each layer is rolled onto the frame, because I didn't have a clue.

It was probably a little risky quilting this whole large quilt, without more practice on rough pieces, but I'm just a wee bit impulsive and impatient.

I was extravagant and not only bordered, but backed the whole quilt in the beautiful Ruby print by Bonnie & Camille.

The binding is attached and I plan on spending the next few evenings hand sewing it to the back. Generally, I love to machine my binding, but I think Vintage Pancakes requires a little bit of extra love and attention which hand sewing offers. Know what I mean, or do I sound a bit crazy?

Hopefully it's all finished in a couple of days and I can show you the quilt in full and in all its glory. It is part of a Tula Pink Sew-Along, hosted by Sew Sweetness. Pop on over to Sew Sweetness and see all of the Tula Pinks quilt made this month.

In other news, we have moved to our new house and are settling in. It's small so we're getting used to living in a squishier space.

I am still without internet access, and trying to make do with the data allowance on my iPhone. I cannot wait to be able to visit all of my favourite creative places online again.

It's amazing how much I miss visiting my lovely online friends and the virtual quilting community.


  1. Gorgeous! I know what you mean about the binding :)

    1. oh good. I wondered if I was sounding a little bit "loopy" myself.

  2. Love your quilting! Makes me want to load a quilt on my little machine!

  3. Wow! For a first go, it looks fabulous! And even if it wasn't your first, it would still look fabulous!

  4. Such a beautiful quilt and your quilting is fabulous - love that you went 'loopy'!

    1. Thanks Jeneta. I'm pleased with the loopy quilting. It came out surprisingly welll :-)

  5. Your Quilt looks gorgeous.....good on you :)
    What type of Quilting machine did you get?I've been wanting one for a while & have been looking at an older singer recently.....


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