Fabric and Shuff-eling

Well it turned out to be a very busy day, yesterday.

I collected fabric pre-cuts, which I will list in my store today (I ran out of time yesterday).

I was lucky to get some early release packs of Honey Honey by Kate Spain, Noteworthy by Sweetwater and Ticklish which us super cute!

We then headed to Ikea. Yaaaaay!! My kids absolutely love that store. Yes, it sounds strange to see that in writing, but its so true.

Perhaps it is only the $1 hotdogs which they're attracted to, but really, I think they love looking at all of the staged rooms and letting me know what their favourite parts are.

Or maybe they're just like me and just happy to wander around and dream of the possibilities for a few hours.

We spent a lot if time looking at the staged kitchens. We're not getting an Ikea kitchen in our new house, it will be custom built by our building company, but getting ideas is fun.

We will be going with the off-white cabinets and dark (black) work tops, in stone. Similar to this picture below.

I love the high cupboards with glass doors, but don't have any high cupboards on our current kitchen plans.

Perhaps I need to do something about that. I mean seriously, where else would I be able to display my cute Ikea glasses (replacements for the elephant/penguin glasses).

Amelia thinks this day-bed will be a good addition to the new house (including all of the cushions, ofcourse).

And Sammy wants this clock for his new room.

Here he is, having a little rest before continuing on our adventure. He said he was testing the couch to see if it was comfy... I know otherwise :)

My husband doesn't see the appeal of Ikea. He'll tag along and happily take down numbers to locate items in the warehouse at the end, but he doesn't understand our adoration.

Have you been to Ikea? Love it or are you indifferent?

Oh, and keep an eye out for a fun Ikea Textiles project coming up on the blog next week :-)


  1. I love Ikea. Certainly great for ideas. We could almost do Ikea display rooms in our house!! Jacinta

    1. LOL - thats what my husband says about our house.

  2. i love Ikea,too,havent been for a while,i must be due for another visit.xx

  3. Noteworthy!! Yet another gorgeous line from Sweetwater. Will keep an eye on your shop :)

  4. I have not been to an IKEA in the US, but when I was little in Denmark, IKEA wasn't that big of a deal, I wouldn't say it was junk, but....

  5. I quite like Ikea. In fact, I furnished our entire school dining room from there. Five tables and 40 chairs later - they were in slight shock with our order and took a good two months to get it all in. Our maintenance staff cursed me for buying everything flat packed but I'm happy with the finished product. I have an Ikea extension table for my dining room at home, and it is great for cutting garments on and as I live on my own, it stays mostly extended with the machine set up at one end a lot of the time. They have great decorating items too!

  6. love the place, I've been there this afternoon, 1 2x4 expedit bookshelf, it will sit on top of a 4x4 for extra storage and a final cleanup of sewing area.

  7. I have never been to one. I thinknthe closestnone is two and a half hours away!

  8. I do like Ikea but haven't been there in years!

  9. My closest Ikea is 1 1/2 hours away but it's a happy day when I get to go (and a new one is being built 3/4 hr away soon - can't wait!!!) I built my own Ikea kitchen and it was so easy.

  10. if you are getting rid of your elephant/penguin glasses, I would totally buy them from you.

  11. If you are getting rid of your elephant/penguin glasses I would totally buy them from you.


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