A Rainbow Leading To Joy

My local quilt store is called Hobbysew.

It’s one of my favourite places to visit – especially kid free. My children don’t do well with aimlessly wandering through aisles of fabric. They just don’t appreciate it like I do.

Today as I walked by the steps which lead up to Hobbysew, I noticed they’ve had a stair make over… and the wall is covered in co-ordinating fabric.




A rainbow leading up to pure fabric happiness.

I think I like this. Very very much.


How do you think this staircase and wall of fabric would work in your house?

Or, like me, would you (and your 5 year old) be the only one (s) who’d appreciate it?

Do you have a favourite LQS (local quilt store)?



Come back and see me tomorrow – I have cake!!


  1. ohhh DROOL! I want those stairs!! :-)

  2. I take classes at my favourite LQS -- my favourite because of the friendly owners and my patient teacher ( one of the two former owners) but I confess to buying most of my fabric at the Big Box Store (Sp*t) which seems to have regular fortnightly sales on fabric and yarn! Sometimes I shop at Hobbysew, but it's several suburbs away!

  3. I think my Honeyman would have a few unkind words to say about it! LOL but I thinknit is crazy fun!

  4. That's fantastic! I love my LQS. It's called Finchs Nest. It's up for sale at the moment. 1 Powerball....

  5. I have seen something like this done with wallpaper samples but this is so bright and colourful how could you not love it. Definitely need this leading up to a sewing room or attic space. I think every house needs stairs so they can do this. After all, if you have had a bad day looking at this could only make you feel happy!!

  6. What a beautiful wall to feast your eyes on! It certainly would put me in the mood to buy a lot of colorful fabric. Unfortunately, I do not have a LQS :( The closest store to me is JoAnns Fabrics which I do go to sometimes in a crunch, but I buy most of my fabric and accessories online, I have several favorite online fabric stores.

  7. Ooh I love that wall, just makes you want to rush up there are start searching for fabric. My favorite local store is Sew This and That in Morayfield Queensland. Super friendly helpful staff. Fantastic classes and loads of up to date fabrics to choose from.
    Jeanie Beanie

  8. too cool. I could spend hours just 'sitting on the rainbow' and singing that song - you know the one that I don't want to get stuck in my head right now. Your rainbow does go to places where 'dreams really do come true."
    Oh well - song stuck now.

  9. Wow that is gorgeous! Very inspiring and makes you want to sew!


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